Presentation of this planet and its moons, including ring and creatures

- Chapter 38 -
The stature of a man and a woman. Procreation, pregnancy and birth. The constitution of the children.

e shall discuss in the chapters that follow other very not worthy house rules. However, for now we shall familiarize ourselves with the stature of the Saturnites, the male as well as the female. What does a woman on Saturn look like?
By now you know that all things on Saturn are more exalted, more magnificent and more beautiful than on earth, and that applies very much to the human beings who inhabit Saturn.
The women on Saturn have perfect figures and are beautiful far beyond your earthly concepts. Even though she would be considered a giant on earth as far as size is concerned, her beauty would compel you to admire her. Her body has the most wonderful curves throughout. Not one part of it is disproportionate. Her whole being is softness; nowhere will you find any hardness.
In the sun her skin is as white as snow. Only in those areas where the skin is most delicate does it appear as a pale red. Despite the size of the Saturnian women, their skin is lighter, much finer and more delicate than the skin of the most delicate ladies on earth.
Their fingernails and toenails are different from those of earthly women. The color of the nails is as if someone were to gently cover polished gold with a crimson color. However, where the nail grows past the fingers and toes, the nails assume the colors of the rainbow. Therefore the women on Saturn are adorned by nature more beautifully than the women on earth would be even while wearing the most beautiful gold rings.
The bosom of a woman on Saturn is elastic and developed to perfection, and the color of the skin has a reddish tinge; at the same time it is so truly ethereally delicate that even the bosom of the most delicate ladies on earth would be like a hard pebble by comparison.
The neck is neither too long nor too short, but rises above the shoulders in the most beautiful and harmonious proportion to the body. The neck is adorned with a truly heavenly, beautiful head; any exception to this is a rarity.
The forehead is of medium height and dazzling white. The nose is straight, sublimely soft and gentle in all its parts. The eyes are mostly exceptionally large, the pupil is pitch black, the iris completely azure blue, and the remainder of the eyeball extremely white. The eyebrows of every woman are thick and of a dark gold-blond color. The hair of the head is extremely soft and in most instances reaches the knees and is of the same color as the eyebrows. The mouth is proportionately small; the lips are crimson red. Behind these beautiful lips the upper and lower jaws are adorned with the most beautiful pearly teeth. The chin protrudes a little and is slightly reddened, just like the cheeks. The ears are small rather than large in relationship to the head and are also slightly reddish in color.
This completes the description of the stature of a woman on Saturn. Do not assume now that in a physiognomical respect one woman resembles the other. On Saturn the same rules applies as on earth - you will not, among 10,000 faces, find two that look alike.
Now if you can imagine the figure described wearing the clothes described in the previous chapter, you should have an idea what such a woman looks like. This completes the description of the Saturnian woman; we shall now turn to the Saturnian man.
What does a Saturnian man look like? As you already know, a man on Saturn is considerably taller than a woman. That is something that does not occur too often on earth. On the average a man on Saturn is usually 15 to 20 feet taller than a woman. Initially you will probably find such a ratio a little peculiar, when you take into account that on Saturn a woman, when compared to a man, is proportionately the same as a 10 to 12 year old girl compared to a fully grown man.
But when you find out that the act of procreation between two Saturnites is quite different from procreation on earth, then you will agree that the variance in proportions is quite proper. Since we have touched on procreation, we will say a few words about it before we continue with the shape of the Saturnian man.
How do Saturnites procreate? Through the sole love and the firm will, exactly as it could have occurred on earth if only man had not fallen away from Me before I could bless him.
When a man on Saturn wishes to procreate, he presents himself with his wedded wife to the eldest (a man on Saturn never has more than one wife). The eldest blesses him in the name of the Great Spirit, upon which the man and his wife fall to the ground and fervently ask the Great Spirit for the awakening of a living fruit.
When they have completed their supplication, the man takes his wife into his arms, presses her against his heart and gives her one kiss on the forehead, one kiss on the mouth, and one kiss on the bosom, whereupon he places his right hand on her body and fixates her with his will. This is the complete procedure of procreation, during which the man and woman both perceive a truly heavenly, pure love which inspires them and makes them overly cheerful for the longest time.
Once the procreation has occurred, both spouses fall to the ground again and thank the Great Spirit for it, and at the same time they ask Him to bless the fruit so that it may prosper. Upon which they present themselves to the eldest again, who will bless the wife; and after that her husband blesses her.
On Saturn a pregnancy has a duration of only 3 months, and the woman has no external signs other than a more lively coloration of her bosom.
The birth is without pain. At birth the children are very small, about the size of a five-year-old child on earth. However, they grow very quickly and in three earth years are anywhere from 72 to 90 feet tall.
In the first years the children are so light that they float in the air like a feather fluff; they become specifically heavier when they are weaned from the mother's breast and begin to eat stronger and firmer food; that is also the reason why on Saturn you never hear that a child has sustained any injuries by falling from some heights.
By taking everything which has been said into consideration, it is easy to understand why a woman is smaller and weaker than a man by almost one-third.
A man on Saturn is a complete image of Myself. His height gives him the certificate that he is the lord of nature on this planet. His stature signifies that the proper form of a man is one which resembles the hardness of a rock, without any of the softness of a woman's bosom. He should be in every aspect the image of the One who created him, containing within himself all the perfection of energy, might, strength, firmness, will and the magnificence and beauty of all forms.
Therefore, if you would like to imagine the form of a man on Saturn, then you have to imagine a perfect youth on earth, one upon whom the muscles still show some kind of continuity and not much separation. Transfer this perfect male human form to a Saturnian man, of course on a much larger scale, and you have his stature clearly before you. However, a man on Saturn has considerably finer skin than a man on earth.
The chin of a Saturnian man is covered by a proportionately large beard and curly, mostly light blonde hair on the head, flowing down to the waist. It should be mentioned that the beard and especially the eyebrows are always a little darker than the hair of the head.
All parts of his body are in a most beautiful proportion; some parts, such as the cheeks, chest and arms are a little more reddish than those of the woman.
Secretly you might wonder: Do the Saturnites have no genitals similar to the ones people have on earth? Yes they do, but in proportion they are not as large and peculiar, because on Saturn they only serve one purpose.
Imagine such a Saturnian man in all his magnitude and true human nobility; you must grant him the credence that his form represents all the nobility, all the dignity and all the magnificence which is the primary source of all things.
Even though the woman is also very lovely on account of her curves and softness, only the man is truly beautiful and remains eternally beautiful and completely perfect in everything.
All the inhabitants on Saturn are fully aware of this, and that is why they thank the Great Spirit at all times for the noble form which resembles the perfect form of the Great Spirit, which the people on earth would never think to do!