Presentation of this planet and its moons, including ring and creatures

- Chapter 43 -
Profound spiritual observations of nature. Communication with angels and the Lord Himself.

What happens after such a sermon?
The people thank the Great Spirit for such enlightenment from their elder. The elder also thanks the Great Spirit and blesses all the listeners after they have offered the prayer of thanksgiving. Then they all leave the temple and go for hikes or walks together in the beautiful hills. They have conversations about the sermon they just heard, but they also discuss observations which they make about some object in nature that comes to their attention during these outings. All of them are inspired by a great friendliness and a mutual participation in everything that one or another may find and the comments one or the other may have regarding the admirable praise for the Great Spirit.
For example, one person will draw the attention of another to the structure of a flower, another to the movement of a cloud, a third to an animal or the flight of a bird, while yet another draws the attention of his neighbor to a bird that is singing and another discovers the glimmer of a distant lake or river somewhere. There are countless objects to which the Saturnites pay attention on such occasions, and they look upon these objects as at one time the man after My heart did when he observed My works.
At this point, I am telling you too: Whosoever observes My works with humble eyes and respects them will always find great enjoyment in them. But whoever examines My works with critical and erudite eyes is better off to remain in his idleness rather than to examine My works with his unconsecrated, profane eyes, like a gall fly which pierces into an acorn to place its pernicious brood into it. This fruit, when it comes to its bad maturity, cannot be used for anything other than the preparation of a black juice; this juice can be used for the blackening of a white or light surface, but it can no longer be used for cleansing what has become dirty or black.
But let us return now to our promenading people. How long does such a stroll take? Until midday. They all gather again in the outer courts of the temple. There they offer thanks to the Great Spirit and have their midday meal in the outer courts.
Once the meal is over, they again offer thanks to the Great Spirit and some remain there while others stroll on the beautiful walkways around the temple and enjoy the multifarious splendor of the magnificent flowers which are planted in the beautiful flower beds in the outer courtyards and along the walkways of the temple. The women caress their husbands and children and tell them with their lovely voices what they have perceived and gained from the sermon of the elder as well as what they have learned during their stroll of what is good and true, beautiful and noble.
On such occasions, spirits and angels sometimes join them and discuss any matter concerning the Lord with anyone.
Sometimes the Lord Himself appears to them on such occasions in the form of an angel. As long as the Lord is among them and converses with one or another person, not even the elder is aware that it is the Lord Himself. But when He is about to leave such a gathering, He discloses His identity just before He escapes their visibility. But then He leaves immediately, because the Saturnites could not bear it if the Lord were to remain any longer with the knowledge that He is the Lord, since their respect for Him is so tremendous that not one of them would dare to speak His name while standing upright. Through which the commandment (which is not given to the Saturnites literally): "You shall nor take the name of the Lord thy God in vain" is obeyed in the most accurate, exact and most holy manner.
How long do these discussions in the outer court last? Until sunset. After that they all go again into the temple and glorify the Great Spirit and also sing praises to Him.
The elder ascends to the pulpit again and points out the great blessings of the day, blesses them and concludes the ceremony of the holiday or feast day. After that they all go home in a thankful and merry mood.
Should something be left over from the midday meal, they distribute it among themselves and eat it thankfully. If nothing is left over, then they have their evening meal at home. They offer thanks to the Lord in a general way and the holiday is over and with it all ceremony, which in actuality consists of nothing but what has just been described.
This also concludes our day. The next chapter deals with the spiritual aspect of the religion.