Presentation of this planet and its moons, including ring and creatures

- Chapter 9 -
Additional information about the Ship Plant. The streams of Saturn and their even descent. The sphere shell structure of Saturn and all the other celestial bodies. The wealth of forms of creation. The four main streams of Saturn.

ince we have learned about the peculiar ship plant in the last chapter, the only thing that remains to be said is how plentiful it is and how many of these (ship) fruit such a plant produces.
The plant grows abundantly at the river banks and shores of lakes and the vast beaches of the oceans. In one Saturn year this plant produces fruit two times and each plant produces 400 to 500 fruits each harvest. But nobody on this planet or, rather, in Herrifa has the proprietary rights to these fruits; on Saturn, as on earth, an ancient principle of law applies: Primo occupanti jus! Whoever is in need of such a plant or requires several, harvests the fruit; and whatever he harvests is his property. No one will contest it, and this is done for the highest moral reason, because everyone on Saturn considers himself to be the least and the most insignificant; this will be explained more in detail when we discuss the human beings on Saturn.
Now we shall take a look at the waters of Saturn, in particular on Herrifa.
In Herrifa there are several thousand large and wide streams which, almost without exception, have their origin in the center of this country, namely from Girp, the highest mountain in Herrifa. In order to understand such a possibility, you must not imagine that the foot of this mountain is as small as the mountains on earth. Instead, the foot of Girp covers, in all directions, an area almost larger than the continent of Europe. Now you may understand how such an immense mountain contains so many sources of water.
Despite its height and expansion, this mountain is shaped like an almost perfect cone; this shape is changed only by the rock formations which ca~ be found here and there and also through the trenches that were formed by the many springs. It should be a logical conclusion that the springs which originate at such a mountain must flow in all directions; when they have reached a certain level in their descent, they are enlarged by other significant springs from other mountains, upon which they take their course towards the ocean. The difference between the rivers or streams on earth when compared to those on Saturn is that the streams on Saturn all have the same water flow or falling water, because on Saturn there is nowhere a highland to be found; there are only mountains, smaller and wider valleys and vast plains which ascend evenly without exception from sea level. And since the ascent of the land beginning from the ocean to half way up the mountain is the same everywhere, namely 6,000 feet above sea level, therefore on account of this gentle ascent all streams must have the same fall of water as far as the speed of the flow is concerned.
Of the many rivers or streams we will discuss only four, because they are the largest and they take their course to the ocean as straight as if you were to draw a straight line on a drawing board.
Where these rivers or streams originate they are already larger and wider than the Danube where it empties into the ocean. And these streams increase in width as they continue on. By the time these streams reach the ocean, each of them is approximately 200 geographic miles wide. These streams or rivers are different from those on earth in that they have a riverbed which is the same depth throughout. Therefore a stream on Saturn is nowhere deeper or shallower because it has the same depth at the top of the mountains as it does at the foot. Even though on its course to the ocean the stream takes on the water of several more springs, it will become wider but not deeper.
You might wonder how this could be possible. I shall tell you: There is no easier explanation for this than the fact that the foundation is, everywhere and throughout, an evenly continuous rock-floor above which is an earth-layer of the same thickness, which the water carries away little by little. Under these circumstances, how could there be a difference in the depths of the riverbed?
Because these circumstances (regarding the rivers having the same depth) might still be a little incomprehensible, it is necessary to give a brief explanation in order that you may understand this better and pay more attention to it. During the destruction of the worlds at the fall of Adam, which I explained to you and which you learned about, Saturn remained unharmed in its primary structure, though it was many times larger beforehand.
The former size of Saturn is represented by its present ring. The surface of the outer ring was previously the surface of Saturn. In those days, Saturn was cut evenly right and left in such a way that the northern cap and the southern cap were ejected into infinite space like two large hollow shells, because the evil serpent released a very evil brood on both these hemispheres. Only the hot center part remained pure; that is why it was preserved as a permanent reminder that the great Architect of the Universe can preserve a celestial body even though it no longer exists in its primary planetary perfection.
Now you probably wish to know from whence the present, much smaller planet came into being within the ring. I will tell you, but open your eyes and ears as much as you possibly can and you will get an inside look, not only as far as Saturn is concerned, but regarding all celestial bodies. The present celestial body which is now within the ring existed before the southern and northern caps were ejected, just the same as if this would happen on earth and the caps would be taken away; that is what remains. In other words, even within your earth there is a smaller earth and in this earth again another smaller one, all of them connected with each other only through air, water and fire. The present planet Saturn is actually already the third sphere, because the ring already represents two spheres, for it is split completely into two parts which do not touch each other.
And presently, when you look at Saturn you have the opportunity to observe a celestial body, like an apple which you have cut in the middle into two pieces. The parts which come into view show you the internal mechanical structure of a celestial body. But as far as Saturn itself in its present form is concerned, you cannot view it right to its center. However, the relationship remains one and the same. Whatever is now in view of Saturn and farther on in the interior of the planet is formed in the same relationship, as can be seen from the surface of the outermost ring right to the planet itself in its present form. If the planet would be capped again, then another smaller ring would appear below the larger ring, and within that there would be a perfectly round celestial body floating free, as with the present one in the large ring.
If you raise your power of reason and sentience a little, you will understand this better and better. By thinking this through, you will realize how easy it is for Me, because it is within My power, if necessary, to either reduce or to enlarge such a celestial body.
If you could see all the celestial bodies in the infinite space of creation, truly you would come upon forms which your spirit would not be able to comprehend, even in the fullest light. If you human beings with your limited intellectual powers have the ability to give your own toilsome creations a significant variety of applications, then I should be able to do the same in My vast realms of creation. In this respect, My great fantasy surely would not have to go to your school in order to attend an aesthetic course of instruction, as some of your scholars seem to think.
The plants, animals and minerals on earth prove the wealth of your Creator's imagination in small, insignificant and meager ways. On Saturn you will already discover some of this diversity, and I can tell you it is much greater on the Sun. If what you encounter on Saturn is extremely wonderful, then what will you say when I allow you to take a look at the Sun? However, now we are dealing with Saturn, and there is yet much to see.
Keep in mind that as far as Saturn is concerned, we began with number one. You know that I serve the best wine last, not like bad innkeepers on earth who intoxicate the imagination of their thirsty guests with the first glass and, instead of serving the better wine last, serve a highly diluted vinegar. Therefore understand well the significance of what I say: We began with number one! When we are finished with this celestial body, there should be some indication in your imagination and you should also have a better concept to achieve an even higher level. Because with Me the higher and always the highest to infinity never has an end. And nowhere is there a third comparison level in existence. But everywhere there is only a second; that is, there is always one above the other and one is more magnificent than the other. And nowhere is there to be found something that is the most magnificent, which will not be surpassed by something which is even more magnificent; because I Myself am the unreachable highest of all. Once you have viewed much of the splendor of the celestial bodies, only then will you be granted a faint view into heaven. And this glimpse, despite its speed, will make you completely forget all the magnificence that you have been shown on the celestial bodies. Because even though My works are infinitely exalted, these celestial bodies are in the dead, fixed matter. But by how much more will they be in the spirit, where everything is light and life?
But for now let us return to our celestial body, the planet Saturn, and let us measure the depth of the rivers and lakes, and also of the oceans. And a measuring tape with one and the same length will suffice, with a length of 3,000 feet. The oceans on Saturn have a depth of 3,000 feet almost everywhere, and only towards land do they become gradually more shallow. The rivers have a depth of 60 feet everywhere in the center of the riverbed, and naturally it becomes more shallow towards the river banks. Only at the mouth of the rivers do the riverbeds gradually fall until they eventually reach the same depth as the ocean floor.
What happens, as a consequence of the uniformity and depth of the riverbeds, is that every river or stream presents to the surprised eye an almost completely smooth surface wherein the neighboring areas reflect in all their splendor, just like a quiet lake on earth. And especially at night it offers an extremely beautiful view, when the nightly light reflects an almost unimpaired shine from the rivers.
The 4 main streams divide this large country from the central mountain into four parts, so that when someone is at the top of this mountain he can see the borders of this country by following the course of these main streams. Of course a person from earth would not be able to see that far into the distance. However, the Saturnites are able to do this because their eyesight is better than some of the best telescopes on earth. And on Saturn this is somewhat of a necessity, for if someone wants to oversee his property he requires good eyesight. On a clear day, the eyes of a Saturnite have the ability to overlook an entire country from a high enough mountain on earth with ease. The Saturn being's strongest sense is eyesight; it can be somewhat compared to the eyesight of an eagle on earth, which, from a significant height, can see the smallest animals with ease.
Any other characteristics these rivers, lakes and oceans might have will be discussed in a future chapter. For today, Amen!