Disclosures about important questions of life

- Chapter 2 -


30 June 1870

OU have here chosen three words. You could not have chosen more correctly and comprehensively within the whole vocabulary of a human language, for these three words denote the quintessence of all creation, its continued existence and duration.
You see, everything I created was created in the light; it received life and out of love it was not ever annihilated.
Is there anything in the great sphere of infinity that does not owe its eternal permanence to these three so significant words?
With light there begins life and with life, love. The light represents the creative power, which keeps forever bringing forth new things, constantly streaming in all directions of infinity, awakening life, banishing darkness and then through love, preserving the created and perpetually bringing forth new creations.
Through light there develops warmth and warmth corresponds to life. For life ceases in the cold and love has no longer a footing as love is nothing else but a kindled zeal to see everything perfectly happy and satisfied.
Thus, wherever light with its gentle rays stimulates the scattered elements to attraction and repulsion, there warmth is produced through this stirring and assimilating, or wherever there is a stirring there is life.
However, life wants to be satisfied, it wants to be all in all, and that it can become solely through love.
Love wants to preserve life, whereas hatred wants to destroy it. Wherever you look you will find these elements in conflict with their opposites.
Light has to battle with darkness, life with death and love with hatred as their opposites. As much as the first want to preserve and attract everything, the others want to repulse and destroy it.
In the union of the first three you see My Deity as eternal preserver of all creation and in the latter three you see the Adversary, Satan, with his coldness and destructiveness.
Thus the conflict extends throughout matter, beginning with the angel and reaching to the last, hardest and most severely bound spirit. In a constant struggle love wins life through the light destroying the darkness with its death and hatred.
Therefore, you have here with these three words and their opposites the sole principle of preservation for all created things.
When I, the very light, decided to create also outside of Me spirits that I were to love Me, to understand Me and gradually become like Me, the first impulse for the coming into existence was given. This is why you read in the Mosaic books: "And the earth was without form and void, and the Lord created the light!"
With the light the activity of the elements awakened and the spirits began to become conscious of themselves and to attract and repulse each other. With the light began life, for destruction too, cruel as it may often seem, has at its root the higher and better purpose to get closer to the supreme light by abandoning the lower forms in order to assume higher ones, closer to the universal light.
Therefore, as soon as light and life had awakened, as soon as the created began to enjoy its existence in the radiance of the eternal primordial light from the heavens, the third thought was awakened, which was to unite all these beings of the visible and invisible world. It was love, the fundamental thought of light and life, which wanted to eternally preserve and perfect all that was now enjoying its existence.
Then the purest angels, personified love, were endowed with the greatest light and were sent out for the sake of the most intensive life to share with all the other living beings the abundance of grace placed at their disposal in such a great measure.
Thereby strengthened, enlightened and warmed, the other beings united, recognized their high goal and are now striving after it, rejoicing and struggling. The lower spirit happily breaks up the shell that retarded its progress. It destroys its own existence in order to reach a higher one where it can absorb more light, life and love from the sole primordial source of all things.
Thus, what you blindly call destruction is nothing else but a liberation towards a higher state, since spirit, already from the time of its imprisonment in a form, has had to suffer matter and is waiting for the moment when these shackles fall and it may, individually or united through the bond of love with a thousand other compatible beings, take up a higher place in the great sphere of creations.
It is love, the blessed warmth emanating from the primordial light, which encourages the spirit to perfect its own destiny and thus gradually return to the primordial source of light in which it has originated.
This happens to all angelic spirits. Already your ancestors called the one now fallen angel "Lucifer", the light bearer.
He was, indeed, a light bearer throughout the vast spaces of My creation. However, conscious of the immeasurable grace received from Me, endowing him with a might none other possessed, the too intensive warmth, which developed through his light, changed into the opposite of love, into hatred towards the One who had endowed him with so much light. Still today he is a fallen angelic spirit, My most ardent opponent, who will not much longer be free and will then have to make a clear choice as to whether to adopt My first three great words of creation or remain with their opposites.
He will not much longer succeed in adopting a middle course and cleverly evade My urging to return to Me. Soon he will have to declare categorically whether he intends to turn to the eternal life of light and love or to the everlasting death in darkness and cold.
You humans too, for whom I by My light of grace have kindled a spark of divine life in your soul, do bear in mind what you are actually carrying in you heart! You carry in your breast a divine light, life and love from your Father.
He gave you this trinity in pledge of your origin, your beginning and your ultimate goal. Do not carelessly forfeit these divine gifts which, as gifts of grace, give you, who are conscious of them, an advantage over millions of other beings. Be aware of the divine light, given and instilled into you with love, which constitutes the life of your soul and spirit. Remember the giver who once paid dearly with His blood and with great suffering for you as His children and wants to make you once more into what you were meant to be in the vast circle of created beings. Do not forget that it is His love that wishes to lead you to life eternal by having kindled within you the light of cognition and divine consciousness.
Strive for the perfection that you as created beings are capable of attaining, so that in addition to the received three gifts you will one day be able to bear them in higher potencies. For My divine light radiating out of Me into all the vast spaces of creation has no limitations and, perpetually awakening new life, wishes to one day lovingly unite all created beings and see them surround Him who is the supreme Light of Life and Love.
In this way, My dear children, should you regard these three words. They contain the primordial source of all existence. They are the foundations of all creations and no being and living creature exists without them. Where they are absent, all progress has ceased; there is death, darkness and eternal hatred.
As proof that the trinity of God's attributes will always be victorious, an angel of life is standing there with a crown of victory, clothed in a garment of light, and whosoever is in opposition and prefers darkness to light, death to life and hatred to love, will have to hide in the innermost corners of the earth.
Everything presses forward, My children: love, the never appeased love which gives all in order to recover all once more, the light which illumines everything so that every dark corner may be banished from creation, and life which gives movement, change of forms and progress from one stage to the next. All three are calling to you: "Without us there is no world, no past and no future! We are their carriers in the innermost of the Supreme Lord; we express His entire self!"
Therefore, go ahead, you descendants of the light! Rise upwards to where there is no longer a sunset, where no longer death alternates with life and where no strife, anger or hatred disrupts the beautiful harmony of the concert of love!
Listen to the angelic harmonies which, carried by these three words, permeate all infinities. They are the everlasting hymn of praise of the one and only Lord and Creator, your Father, who finds His complete happiness and bliss only when He sees the beings He has created rejoicing in Him and learning to love and understand Him more and more. The so often misinterpreted Trinity can be found only in these three mighty words and lies on a small scale in every created being as a germ, enabling it to develop to the highest potency of an angel of light standing in the presence of the Lord of all the heavens.
Children, do recognize your great gift! Be proud and rejoice at being able to become My children! There will be a time when you, endowed with spiritual vision, will be able to gaze through the immeasurable spaces of infinity and from the throne of the Father to the last space, where a ray of light can still penetrate to perceive the fundamental principles of My nature within millions upon millions of beings in the grand harmonious hymn in His praise.
Therefore, strive for becoming worthy of this state of enlightenment in the truest sense of the word!