Disclosures about important questions of life

- Chapter 36 -


(Received through Jakob Lorber) / 24 November 1840

UESTION: Oh Lord, what about the sect in Great Britain which calls itself "The Latter-Day Saints", and whose members (who are said to possess miraculous powers) for the most part are emigrating to America?
Answer: So write: As far as the so-called sect is concerned, which calls itself "the Latter-Day Saints", there is not so much in it as you may think. For it calls itself holy, and yet only I am holy. However, even if someone is sanctified in My name, he is still not holy. And even if he became completely at one with Me through the purest love, he would be only in a general sense holy; but in particular only I remain holy, while he is through and through sanctified through My living image in him.
You see, the one who calls himself holy, even for the sake of My name, does not glorify My name, but he does it only so that his name may be glorified through Mine. And even if he praises My name, he only praises it for the sake of his own honor and holiness, which praising the holiness of My name would bestow on him.
Look, I do not like such saints! And besides, the question arises: Where is it written that someone for the sake of salvation shall emigrate to America, there to live more comfortably and freely on account of the greater lawlessness? I always say: "The Kingdom of Heaven suffers force! Those who do not grab it by force will not possess it," and have never said: "The Kingdom of Heaven suffers ease, and those who grab it with ease will possess it."
Whosoever wants to come to Me need not go to America, but only into his own heart, and once he has cleansed it through true love and living faith, he is sure to find Me, and that much nearer than in America.
But those who, believing to have found Me and for this reason calling themselves "Saints", emigrate to America so as to retain Me better, so to speak, truly have little stability and will find it even less in America. For how will he who fears already in his accustomed, uninteresting homeland to be turned away from the spirit by worldly influences, prove himself in an alien continent where a thousand curiosities and needs will await him?
Therefore, this "holy sect" is not as great as you think. Look, this sect does not relish being obedient towards their monarch. Therefore, they want to immigrate to America where there is a republic, which is an abomination in My eyes, since there almost everyone wants to rule and no one wants to obey. For every republic more or less always resembles hell which, in the strictest sense, is a republic.
As for (the title) "the latter day", the sect is quite right. For to them, this time will truly be the last of their holiness once they will set foot on American soil. I will always be a Father to the righteous on all his roads, provided he walks them earnestly in My name; but rather at home than in America, although thereby I do not wish to say that I am less a Father to the Americans than to you. But no one need travel there in order to find Me, since I am much closer to everyone than America!
Besides, every man lives anyway in the latter time and will henceforth and in eternity no longer live in a time, but according to how he has lived in his last time, he will be either forever dead or living in My Kingdom forever. Am end of all times is here out of the question. How it will be, no one in the whole of infinity apart from Me knows and need know. For he who lives to the end of all times will be living as before in the bosom of his Father. But he who will remain dead until then will also remain dead afterwards.
Now look, for this reason you have nothing to do with the end of all times, but only with the time in which you are living. For that is the latter time for every one of you. Therefore, be watchful in this time, and be diligent in love, so that it will be your share forever. Amen.
Do love, trust and believe firmly, for therein lies the great secret of all success for you.
Amen, say I the alone Holy One. Amen. Amen. Amen.