Bishop Martin - The Progress of a Soul in the Beyond

- Chapter 100 -

(Say I): "Did I not tell you to take example by Borem? Why do you have to keep talking when it is not necessary? Now that you have talked yourself into a tight corner, you come to Me that I extract you from it with all honor, but this will not be as easy as you think.
Following My necessary miracle and your talk, the Chinese is now considerably stirred up. Her heart senses My nearness and her spirit is awaking more and more. Through your definition as to how you understand even the gentlest hints of Lama, you have kindled a fire in her head as well as in her heart. No wonder that she is now all out for the information she wants! But you have created this situation for yourself and you have to put up with it!
I mentioned once before that these Chinese will not be easy to handle, but you were not convinced. Since through your bragging you have now brought about this critical situation prematurely, you will have to fend for yourself like a man and make sure that you straighten out this matter with Chanchah, whilst I will work on the other hundred Chinese. As soon as I have them in order, I will also attend to Chanchah. Go now and do as I tell you!"
(Martin scratches his head and says after a while): "Oh, my L....., ah, my tongue almost slipped again, my brother. If I may act at my own discretion - naturally under Your secret influence - I think I will soon manage this Chinese without much trouble!"
(Say I): "Please yourself, but you must straighten out this Chinese at all costs!"
(Bishop Martin): "Yes, My L----- I mean, brother. I shall straighten this matter out with Chanchah. Fortunately, I have now more courage, without which I could not have done too well."
(Says Borem): "Brother, make sure that your courage does not run out! It will not be easy, and I only hope that you will not be the loser. The Chinese, who have a stoical spirit, are very hard to manage; for every one thing you say, they have a hundred objections. Do you realize that?
This Chanchah is an exceptionally pure being, filled with a genuinely oriental, blazing, but still ethereal, charm. Notwithstanding that, she is a Chinese in the fullest sense of the word. Therefore, weigh every word carefully or she will give you a lot of trouble."
(Says Bishop Martin): "But what shall I do? I am still at a loss as to how to begin. Since I have to do something, I will try my best to straighten her out as demanded by [in a low voice] the Lord."