Bishop Martin - The Progress of a Soul in the Beyond

- Chapter 102 -

(Borem advances and says): "Well, brother Martin, how about your courage? Has it already run out, or is it going to? "
(Says Bishop Martin): "Ah, ah, this can really get you down! These Chinese seem to have preserved quite a lot of ancient Asian poetry, but there it ends and that is all the spiritual refinement they possess. In everything else they must surely be the most ignorant people on earth! Compared with those smooth heads, the Kaffirs, Hottentots, Malagasies, Maoris and Australian Aborigines must be real Platos and Socrateses!
Can you imagine, dear brother, what the fair Pekinese is taking me for? It is crazy, but listen: she actually takes me for nothing less than a real ass! And this is not in a figurative sense, but in the truest meaning of the word! A genuine ass! That is really going a bit too far!"
(Says Borem): "Of course it is going too far to take a host - and a celestial host at that - for a real ass! But you should not worry about it, for in this way you are relieved of your obligation to her. And for this you may thank the Lord, Who gave the whole matter this turn in your own and in Chanchah's interest. Therefore, keep calm and accept patiently what is coming to you, and in due course, everything will straighten itself out.
In future, dear brother, better do not be too impressed with your own importance as a host, and then things will work out much better - even with Chanchah."
(Says Bishop Martin): "Yes, you are right! I see now that when the Lord is present, I should never feel as a host. Unfortunately, you sometimes do find deep gratification in being a person of importance. However, I now fully understand that it is best to be a nobody.
The silly abuse by that Chinese has once more straightened me out. I have forgiven her ignorance, but you can be sure that in future I shall be wise enough to avoid her. For, having been declared an ass once, I shall not risk skating on thin ice again."
(Says Borem): "You are right, brother, but lower your voice, for Chanchah is watching you closely. She is really quite guileless, but she has an extremely strong desire to fathom the many mysteries of her homeland here in the spirit-world. Therefore, she makes every effort to now gain clarity at least vegarding the most important point of her faith.
This is the way all those human beings act in this world, in whose countries on earth there is a lot of mystery concerning conditions here. You have to handle them very carefully since they are like half-starved people on earth who must not be allowed to eat their fill right away, but only given food in small doses so as not to endanger their health.
It is a fact that humans who have been kept in great darkness on earth develop excessive hunger and thirst for having their countless mysteries revealed to them when they come to this world. These mysteries have greatly nourished their imagination and poetic power and, being to a great extent represented by symbols and metaphors, have taken almost full possession of their innermost being.
If in this world they were approached with the pure light right away, it would destroy them completely, as it would tend to dissolve their innermost being. Therefore, you have to treat them with as much care as you would an old, dilapidated house, which you have to repair slowly and carefully if you do not want it to collapse completely. Of course, a destroyed house can be newly erected to the same plan, but with new materials. However, such is not possible with a human being whose constituent parts must all be preserved or he will cease to exist as one and the same person.
I trust this is now clear to you and that you will be very careful. Where these Chinese are concerned, do not do or say anything but what the Lord tells you and everything will run smoothly. If you have a question for the Lord or myself, ask it only in your heart. The answer will also be put into your heart, as is the case with me now. I keep asking the Lord what to do in one or the other situation and the Lord makes it immediately clear to me what I have to do or, if necessary, say aloud.
Watch out - the Chinese is approaching you! Do not try to think what you are going to say, but ask the Lord in your heart and He will put the words you have to speak into your heart. Now you are fully instructed, act accordingly and there will be no trouble. However, on no account must you take offense if Chanchah should still address you as a real ass."