Bishop Martin - The Progress of a Soul in the Beyond

- Chapter 105 -

(Says Bishop Martin): "My beloved Chanchah, I am sure you are quite right. But there is something I have to point out to you, namely, that we citizens of heaven have no actual laws. We live without laws, the freest imaginable life in God, our Lord. To live in God, the Lord, means to live in love forever. Love sets everything free and knows no law but itself. Therefore, we have no other law here but that of love, which is not actually a law but instead, everlasting, perfect freedom for all beings. Do you understand this?"
(Says Chanchah): "Yes, I do and am really glad that I can understand such a good doctrine. If love - even while it has to be kept secret - can give such utter happiness to a loving heart, how much happier must be those who are governed by love alone and nothing else. Oh yes, where love is the law, all beings living under it must surely possess the highest degree of beatitude.
What use could the sunshine be to a human being if there were no warmth? What use would be gold and gems if their owners had icy hearts of stone? Oh, friend, what you have told me now is most sacred. I am beginning to understand what your very dear friend was hinting at when he said to me: 'Your love for me will reveal everything to you.' Yes, this love has already revealed a lot to me, and my heart tells me that there will be a lot more.
I do love all of you with the heat of the midday sun, and particularly him who still owes me his name. You must forgive me for loving your friend and brother so much more than you. I do not know the reason why, for he is not really any handsomer than you or your brother, Borem, nor is his garb any more beautiful. But his large blue eyes hold an indescribable attraction and he has a line around his mouth which gives him a divine expression, so that one could be tempted to take this lovable person for the true image of Lama.
If I ask my heart in its love for this one, it tells me: Chanchah, for me it is the great, holy Lama Himself. Who else could talk in such a heavenly way or with one word create a fig tree laden with fruit and then give it as a living token of His love to Chanchah, who loves Him above everything? Who else could have such magnificent, loving eyes and such a divine mouth? Only my heart's most beloved Lama!
You know, dearest friend, it is only my heart that speaks like this, not my mind, although the latter would like to follow the voice of the heart if it were not afraid to commit a sin. For actually, the mind is not a very stern judge where the heart is deeply involved, and is rather inclined to share the heart's enthusiasm.
This is now the case with me. My heart worships that glorious one, and my mind would like to do the same if it were the only one, and not so many others all around.
However, I shall soon have reached a state where I shall no longer care about all the other minds, but follow only my heart. Maybe that will help me to attain the right goal, since there is not any other law here but that of love. What do you say to that, dear friend?"
(Says Bishop Martin): "Sweetest Chanchah, there is not much I can say to that. Just follow your heart and you will not go wrong. Eventually your mind, too, will be enlightened. That is all I can say to you at this stage."