Bishop Martin - The Progress of a Soul in the Beyond

- Chapter 111 -

(Meanwhile, I speak to Chanchah and Gella as follows): "My beloved Chanchah, a while ago you told Me something that was all the more wonderful because it came from the depth of your heart. I promised to tell you something even more wonderful, and I am now here to keep My promise. So listen to Me patiently. You need not expect a lengthy speech, for My speech is always short, and it is My practice to say a lot with only a few words.
You gave Me a picture of how you tended your morning and evening flowers, which was very sweet. I shall now submit another morning-and-evening picture to you.
Behold, as you planted your flowers, thus also the great, good Lama planted two human beings in the garden of His love: one towards morning for His heart, and then later on, the other one towards evening for His wisdom. He nurtured the first one with all the elements of His deity, so that he might become as glorious as He, the Lama Himself. However, the first man would not thrive, but instead became most arrogant and rebelled against Lama, and still to this day holds Him in contempt, although Lama is prepared to receive him back with open arms and heart at any time.
When this first man turned out a failure, Lama soon placed a second one towards evening - that is, in the world - and gave him His best care. But this one, too, failed through disobedience. Then Lama regretted having created man at all, and thought of destroying such work which had not been a success, like a potter would destroy faulty pottery.
But Lama consulted His love, and this stood up for the failures. So He Himself came to the world as a man in order to set an example to all men.
However, the divine man was seized by the wicked mortals and put to death, although they could not kill the God in Him. Only very few recognized Him and opened their hearts to His teaching. There are countless men who, although they keep hearing about Him, refuse to believe and accept His teaching, which would make them His children, and who could become like their Eternal Father.
What do you think Lama should do with such humans? Should He put up with them any longer?
His love for them is so great that He would die for them again a thousand times if it were possible and beneficial. But they still do not want to love Him more than the idle world! They prefer to ignore Him altogether so as to be unimpeded by their consciences in their pursuit of worldly pleasures.
Oh, Chanchah, tell Me what do beings like those deserve? Should Lama put up with their defiance much longer, or should He destroy them?"
(Says Chanchah): "My beloved friend, what wicked plants of Lama they are! They should be severely punished. But if Lama is so extremely kind, could He really bring Himself to cut down those plants and burn them as the forefathers were warned He would do? I think infinity, as I am now beginning to realize, should have plenty of room to store away weeds like those. If I were the Lama, I would not destroy anything that has life. Don't you agree, my dearest friend?"
(Say I): "Of course, My sweet, that is what I think also, and that is what I do! But wait just a little while, for soon our two brothers will return with the strangest guests, and I wonder what you will say to them? So be prepared to see and hear most unusual things!"