Bishop Martin - The Progress of a Soul in the Beyond

- Chapter 121 -

hanchah now falls at My feet, weeping and sobbing with utter joy and bliss. When I strengthen her, she rises, gazes at Me with her large eyes and, enraptured, scrutinizes Me from head to foot, unable to tear her eyes away from Me. And only her heart speaks:
(Chanchah): "You, You, oh, it is You after all! You are the almighty, holy Lama, the Eternal! You have made the earth, the moon, the sun, and the countless stars, also the mighty sea and the countless living beings in the water, on the land, and in the air. You have created us human beings! Oh, Lama, Lama, You great, holy Lama, who could ever praise and worship You enough? Is there a heart worthy of loving You, Most Holy One?
But which heart - worthy or unworthy - could help loving You when it sees and recognizes You? Therefore, forgive me, who am most unworthy, for having dared to love You, Holy One! But can poor Chanchah help it if her heart is stronger than her head?
Oh, Lama, Lama, I do realize my worthlessness compared to Your greatness. However, my heart now loves You all the more. You would not be angry with me for loving You so inconceivably, would You? Oh, Lama, strengthen my heart or it will be unable to bear this mighty love for You!"
And once more Chanchah sinks down at My feet, sobbing with love.
(Say I): "Your love is great, Chanchah, and your heart is a most precious pearl. However, you must pull yourself together and not overdraw your strength through glowing too mightily, for then it might become impossible for you to henceforth bear My presence - and that would limit your beatitude considerably.
Now look at Gella here beside you, at Martin, Borem, and also at Chorel. They all have known Me already for quite some time and are also full of love for Me. But they are able to bear My presence and, consequently, do and enjoy all that I bid and give them. If they were in the same state as you are in, this would not be so, just as you could not do or enjoy at present anything on a higher level since your overwhelming love is claiming all your strength.
I am telling you this, My beloved Chanchah, not because I find your overwhelming love displeasing, for have I not told you on many occasions how very dear you are to Me? And I may still add that no one can love Me enough! However, it must be stressed that love should never be there without wisdom if it is to attain the greatest possible beatitude.
For love in itself is an all-consuming fire, and as an elemental fire it cannot be checked by anything but an adequate degree of wisdom. Therefore, you have to temper your love by an appropriate degree of wisdom if you want to enjoy the real bliss of the right love.
Do not keep thinking of Me as the most high and almighty Divine Being Whom no one can approach and live, but think of Me as the best and truest Father, in My human nature even as your Brother. Then you will be able to bear Me easily like any other blessed spirit, to be constantly with Me and share in the beatitude of the most blessed who, too, are constantly near Me. They are at all times fully occupied on My behalf in the vast spaces of My infinite creation, and still as close to Me as you are now - and shall forever be. Is what I have told you quite clear to you now, My dearest daughter?"