Bishop Martin - The Progress of a Soul in the Beyond

- Chapter 122 -

(Says Chanchah): "Oh, Lama, Lama, where is the heart that recognizes You and is still able to contain its burning love for You, the Most Holy, the Eternal? If I had as many hearts as there are stars in the firmanent, grains of sand in the sea, or blades of grass on the earth, and each heart were a sun of blazing love for You, my most holy Lama, then the burning love of those countless hearts would still only be like a cool dewdrop compared with a seething sea! For, being Supreme Love Yourself, You could never be loved too much!
I am quite aware that You, o Lama, are a Father and even a Brother to Your creatures, because that is how You want it. But is there a heart that can think of You as a Father and Brother only, not keeping in mind the fact that the Father, the Brother, is at the same time also the eternal, most holy, great and almighty Lama? Therefore, I cannot help loving You above everything, and no wisdom could ever temper this love of my heart!
If I had a thousand lives and wisdom warned me that I would lose all of them if I did not restrain my love for Lama, my heart would still reply to wisdom: 'Can there be greater bliss than to lose a thousand lives through love for You, o Lama?' This, of course, would not be possible, for how could one ever lose a life for loving You Who represents life supreme?
So I shall love You all the more, my Lama, and no wisdom will ever be able to restrain the love of my heart unless You, Most Holy One, should oppose and destroy it. But You would not do this to poor Chanchah, o Lama, Father, would You?"
(Say I): "My dearest daughter, one who loves Me as you do is one with Me and has not only one, but countless lives that could not ever be lost. Therefore, fear nothing, but go on loving Me with all your strength, and your love will provide the wisdom which will keep widening your heart and enable your love for Me to grow more intense all the time. But now come to My heart and give vent to your love!"
At these words, Chanchah utters a cry of delight and throws herself at My heart in a near swoon.
(Gella weeps with joy for Chanchah, and says, sobbing): "Oh, you fortunate one, what bliss it must be to breathe at this heart the streams of everlasting, divine love! Ah, what an atmosphere there must be at the primordial source from which all the countless beings, the angels, the suns, worlds, men and beasts, as well as plants, draw their existence, their life, their all! What supreme delight, joy, and bliss!
Oh, Chanchah, what bliss you must be enjoying, imeasurable even for an angel!
But what are you pondering, my heart - you, too, are quite close to and able to see Him Who is holy, supremely holy. Be still, °iy heart, the Lord gives everyone a just measure according to his love and wisdom! Therefore, do not think about the supreme measure of bliss this noble Chinese is enjoying, but rather about your own boundless happiness."