Bishop Martin - The Progress of a Soul in the Beyond

- Chapter 123 -

hile Gella is engrossed in her commendable contemplations, all the other Chinese are approaching us. One of them says:
(A Chinese): "You, Who obviously have full authority, tell us why our Chanchah loves You so much. Her love for You is such that a man could not even love Lama with a greater love, should He - if at all possible - stand before him visibly!"
(Say I): "Have patience, soon Chanchah will tell you everything you have to know at this stage. Do not go into this any further, but let your heart walk ahead of your mind, and it will guide you on to the safest and shortest path to your goal."
(Says another one of them): "That sounds fair enough! But will she also be able to tell us the meaning of that monster which You expelled from this house after it had led our good Martin quite a dance, even turning into an enticing woman to trap him? Could he have been an emissary of the devil, or maybe even the devil himself?"
(Say I): "Chanchah will tell you about that, too. Just return to your seats where you may look forward to all the answers. So be it!"
Following these words, all the Chinese turn back and do as bidden.
Also, several of the monks come forward and ask similar questions. They, too, are told to rest a while longer so as to gain more strength for the impending explanations. And they withdraw and wait patiently in happy anticipation.
(However, some nuns have put their heads together and are whispering to each other): "Following some hints by our sister, who is now called Gella, we had almost come to believe that this friend of the Chinese, the one who handled the dragon and his adherents so capably, could be either the archangel Michael or even Jesus, the Lord Himself. However, judging by the way He is going on with that Chinese, who no doubt is more beautiful than we are, and how He is pressing her to His heart and caressing her, He could not possibly be Michael and even less the Lord Jesus.
We would consider it a great sin to think - even in passing - that Michael or the Lord Jesus could be playing such an amorous game - and with a heathen at that! And this silly ninny does not even feel embarrassed by our presence! Look at the way she is nestling against His heart, the amorous cat!
If He were Michael or the Lord Jesus, He would have come to us also, since we are Christians and have an undisputable prerogative before the heathen. But since He is practically ignoring us and doing homage only to that Chinese, He could not possibly be the Lord Jesus. How silly of our sister, Gella, to stand around there with a face as if she, too, would like to follow Chanchah's example!"
(Say I to Gella): "Look, my little daughter, there is room for you, too, as well as Chanchah. So, come also to My heart and give vent to your love!"
Gella immediately throws herself at My heart and is blissfully happy.
(But the whisperers say): "There you are! Just what we were expecting! If only our host, Martin, would return soon so we could complain to him! Ah, there he is already coming with Borem and Chorel. Let us go to him quickly!"
Noticing all the women coming towards him, Martin soon realizes what is wrong with them. He approaches them in the friendliest manner and says:
(Bishop Martin): "I know, I know what is worrying you! Better return quietly to your seats, as I am not going to lend you an ear for such complaints! Just note this: Who wants love must first give love himself, for love can be won by nothing else but love. Therefore, you must love the Lord as those two do, and then you'll find a place at His heart. Do you understand this?"
(Say the many nuns): "Oh, dear host of this house, don't you see that we cannot do that? We are firm Christians, but that favorite there is a heathen! As for Gella, she was always rather unrestrained, prone to temptation by the devil, and she is sure to take every chance, even in your celestial mansion, to lend a willing ear and heart to such temptations.
That man, whom we almost took for the Lord Jesus, or at least Michael, must be a spirit of a considerably lower grade, otherwise He would not be going on like that with those two loose persons. Therefore . . . . "
(Here Martin interrupts them and says): "Never mind, my dears, I had thought you would all be clean by now, having been thoroughly boiled and bathed! However, now some heretofore completely hidden residues of rust and dirt are emerging. In view of this, you will have to go into a bath once more - and a very hot one, too - before you will be fit enough to approach that Holy One!"
(Scream the nuns): "What are you saying? We are to have a bath? You, too, are unclean! No wonder the devil is a frequent guest at your house! Did we not see to our horror how you would have kissed the beautiful she-devil had she not pushed you back? If things continue like this, we shall soon know beyond doubt in whose hands we are in this house!"
(Says Martin calmly): "Oh yes, into the bath with you! There, behind that white wall, a thousand rare little fishes are swimming around and having a bath. There is also room for you. So go there quietly and join the bathers - or else!"
The nuns scream with rage and return to their former places.