Bishop Martin - The Progress of a Soul in the Beyond

- Chapter 127 -

he whole party now follows Me to where Bishop Martin, Borem, Chorel, and the women are waiting for Me to open the door of light. There are now about three thousand guests there, but since this door is extremely wide, the guests will have sufficient space to enter the territory of the sun unimpeded and view the wonders of love and light.
At the door, Martin immediately asks Me why this door is closed, whilst all the other doors are now open.
(But I say to him): "Friend, brother, have you on earth never heard or read about the different births of human beings and animals? Every being, already in the womb, has possession of all its senses, except for the eyesight. It can feel, taste, smell, and even hear. However, its eyes are opened only after its birth. Thus, also, in the spiritual rebirth, the door to the light - or the spiritual eye - is the last one to be opened, for he who wants to see must be well prepared for it.
If somebody wants to light up his house at night, he has to make the necessary preparations beforehand. Must he not have a lamp filled with oil and a well-functioning lighter? Even then it requires some action on his part, and some time will pass before the purpose of his actions - the light - is achieved. And only after the light has been lit can he do other useful things in the light, which prior to that would have been out of the question.
Considering this, you will easily understand why in this house all the other doors are open and only the sun-door has so far been closed to these guests.
I can see that you now want to ask Me why, if this is the case, has this door already been open to you on several occasions. And why had it not been the last one when you entered through it the first and second time. My answer to this is that, firstly, you no longer belong to the level of these guests, who have not yet attained their rebirth and, secondly, as concerns the other doors you entered after the sun-door, every spirit after his rebirth will want to take up some activity in the light, or in his enlightenment and cognition.
You would not think that after receiving the light a permanent state of blissful idleness could set in. Oh, no, on the contrary, the right activity only commences in the light. Prior to receiving the light, every action is aimed only at this goal, but when enlightenment has been achieved, the temple has been opened to the sun, only then will the great activity of the reborn spirit commence.
Or have you ever seen on earth schoolboys being given official positions? Of course not! A pupil has to study diligently for quite a while to attain the required knowledge, and only then may he be given a position commensurate with his ability. And, after completing his scientific studies and achieving real enlightenment, it is not likely that he will lie down comfortably and go to sleep instead of working in the light of his new knowledge. Then he will really commence to work properly, for the work he did during his studies was only the means to lighten the darkness of his mind.
And, behold, that is another sound reason why there are further doors after the sun-door, especially those leading to the infinite universe. Do you have any more questions?"
(Says Martin): "Oh, Lord, You look through my heart like You would look through a drop of water! There is now no other emotion left in me than burning love for You, You boundlessly kind and holy Father! You know that I welcome an activity within the limits of my strength; and surely a higher degree of enlightenment will be of great benefit to me. You know that I have never lacked the will for good works but, unfortunately, most of the time I have lacked the light or the wisdom! In view of this, I am convinced that the full re-opening of this temple will be particularly beneficial to me, although for myself I see the Sun of all suns and the Light of all lights in all fullness in You, and could do forever without any other light!"
(Say I): "These words, My dear brother Martin, I prefer considerably to your earlier questions.
It is true that I am the Sun of all suns and the Light of all lights. He who has Me, walks and acts in the brightest day! However, since every man out of Me is an individual and a free being, he has also his own light which has to shine within him quite as brightly and freely as the sun in the vast sphere of its planets, as freely as a man's eyes shine and new thoughts come forth from his heart. From these thoughts arise free ideas and the knowledge of their nature and, eventually, the great knowledge of My Divine Being, My love and wisdom. Therefore, this door will now be opened to these guests that they might come to know themselves and only then Me in all truth! And now it will be time to open this door."
(Says Martin): "Oh, Lord, most holy Father, do give me the assurance that when these guests have recognized You fully, You will not leave us again and hide from us and stay away, notwithstanding our searching and calling. Dearest Father, do not ever do that to us!"
(Say I): "My beloved son, this should be the least of your worries, ever! For where the children are, there is also the Father, and where the Father is, there are His children. But you know how big My family is and how very numerous the flock of My sheep. Eventually, we shall bring all these together into one house, so that there will be one flock and one shepherd. However, there is still a lot of work to be done toward this end.
Note this: There are now many reapers employed on earth and a great sifting is going to take place. I shall require a lot of flesh and much blood will be shed in uprooting all lewdness. I have awakened witnesses on earth, and all that I am telling you here, all that I have already told you, and all that I am still going to tell you is simultaneously being written down on earth and revealed to the flesh. Therefore, do not worry that I might leave you in any way after the opening of this door, but realize that I shall now stay with you, unchanged, forever!
There is one more thing, My beloved Martin, this time we shall enter much deeper into the territory of the sun, much deeper than the first time. You will be met by female beings of unimaginable beauty and grace, who will approach you with the greatest love and tenderness, and so will the men. You must treat them with true celestial earnestness, and when you speak, say little and speak wisely. That is the best way for you to win them. You must keep your love for them secret so that they do not notice it. Then you will walk among them safely.
In this great world of light, wisdom is foremost, and within it, love is concealed just as the warmth is concealed in the sunlight - invisible, revealing its existence only in its manifold productive effect. Therefore, you must shine in the sun as you will see Me shine, and if you observe this rule conscientiously, your first great expedition will afford you much bliss. And now go and open the door in My name! So be it!"