Bishop Martin - The Progress of a Soul in the Beyond

- Chapter 128 -

artin thanks Me for this commission from the depth of his heart, walks over to the door, and opens it with ease - although in its correspondence it has the height of twelve men and is half as wide again.
As the door is standing open, the thousands in front of it give forth a cry of delight intermingled with fright, and they all cover their eyes against the intensity of the light emating from it. Not one of them dares take a step either forward or backward, for most of them are convinced that in this mighty light, the actual Godhead must dwell in the fullness of Its might, power, and wisdom.
Even Martin is startled for a moment as the intensity of the light this time seems by far greater than on the two previous occasions he had been there. However, this fact does not worry him too much, and he says:
(Martin): "Brothers and sisters, do not be afraid of what the Lord has intended for our greater bliss. Come, follow me, all of you, for this light is a firm ground on which you can walk as on iron!"
Borem and Chorel lead the women out through the door. The women were at first very frightened, but their curiosity overruled their fears and they are beginning to step over the threshold. They are followed by the monks and other guests, namely, the parents of the nuns and of many of the monks. After them follow the Chinese with very careful steps.
After they have all passed through the door, I follow with Chanchah and Gella, who, too, at first seem most apprehensive of this dazzling light. But at My side they soon lose their fear, and they enter these new territories of light serenely.
Now everybody is standing on the shining ground of the sun, and this not only spiritually, but also bodily. For all the spirits from My highest heaven can see also the nature of every natural body, inside and out. Being with Me, they see through Me everything, be it in the world of spirits or the material world, exactly as I see it!
At first they do not see very clearly as their eyes are dazzled by the glaring light, but gradually matters improve, as is already becoming evident. Some of the guests are beginning to distinguish items and colors on the ground.
The women have even noticed some extremely beautiful flowers which they would like to pick, but Borem and Chorel advise against it, as on the sun it is considered a bad omen if some plant is harmed at the wrong time. Here, everything has to be done in the strictest order.
After this large party, led by Martin, has walked quite a distance on the ground of the sun, and Martin is beginning to feel a bit uneasy, he orders a halt, comes to Me, and says:
(Martin): "O Lord and Father, I have the feeling as if we had already walked more than a thousand miles from my house, and all that we have so far seen is some flowers. How far, and for how long will we have to walk until we reach a certain destination?
I must admit honestly that I wouldn't care to spend a lot of time in this much-too-bright world if all you get to see is light and some flowers! It is as well that this gleaming light does not burn and that our spiritual eyes do not get inflamed like the physical ones! Although I am leading, what is the use of it if I do not know whither! Therefore, o Lord, wouldn't You rather lead the way? Then we would reach the right destination much quicker!"
(Say I): "My son Martin, just keep walking on the ground of light with patience and perseverance, and we shall reach the destination of our pilgrimage in due course. Don't you know that the sun is a million times larger than the earth? And if you need already on earth a lot of patience and self-denial on a long journey, it must require a lot more patience to travel through the so much vaster territory of the sun. Therefore, take the lead once more and we shall follow you.
The reason why I cannot lead here is that none of you must be constrained in your freedom and, besides, if I led the party and the inhabitants of this world of light came to meet us, their enlightened spirit would soon recognize Me and be overwhelmed by excessive awe. If I walk as the last one behind you, this would not happen, for with the sun-dwellers, the first is always paramount. To them, what follows behind is scarcely noticed, if at all! Therefore, it is the best place for Me.
We are still on a very high mountain range. Soon we shall descend into a valley, and there the light will be much softer. There you will see crowds of people, and then you, as well as all the others with you, will be fully occupied. Then you will also understand the true purpose of this journey. But now return to your post and your office as a guide."
Martin thanks Me and once more takes the lead of the party, motioning everybody to follow him. They all rise and proceed.