Bishop Martin - The Progress of a Soul in the Beyond

- Chapter 131 -

ow Martin actually sees how the road winds across the mountain crests down into a vast valley in which, however, he cannot as yet distinguish any objects.
Spirits see the things which are still unknown to them, as if at a very great distance, and approach them at the same rate at which their knowledge about these things grows. Thus, also, the descent from high mountains into a deep and wide valley denotes 'the entering into complete meekness and through this into the greatest possible love, without which no spirit can gain full vitality.'
Martin, as well as the many guests, are already looking down into the valley. But they are still unable to discern what it contains. Therefore, many of their spokesmen begin to ask questions as to what they will find in the valley. Borem knows very well, but he also knows what he has to say. The Chinese turn to Me and, of course, I am not at a loss as to a suitable answer.
(Martin turns to John and says): "Dearest friend, although I can already see the valley quite clearly, what is the use of looking at such a distant valley if one cannot distinguish anything in it? It must still be very far away. The road presents no hardship. On the contrary, we seem to be more floating than walking on our feet! But the valley still does not appear to be any closer. I wonder how much longer it will take us to reach it."
(Says John): "Friend, patience is the foundation stone of wisdom. Hold on to this foundation stone in your heart and you will reach the sun-valley much easier and quicker!"
(Says Martin): "Friend and brother, I do not lack patience, and never have. However, I know that every spirit is capable of two or three kinds of movement: a natural, a mental, and also a purely spiritual one with the speed of thought. Why are we in this instance only using the natural kind, the slowest? Wouldn't it be better if we reached our destination sooner through a somewhat faster movement?"
(Says John): "But dear brother, now your words are not as wise as before. Why should we reach the valley quicker, since here the hours of our lives are not counted as on earth? Why should we, who live forever, concern ourselves about elements of time? We are not ever pressed for time, but are at home wherever we are, or rather wherever the Lord is.
Besides, here in the realm of perfected spirits, the speed of our movement does not depend on our feet anyway, but solely on the perfection of our knowledge. He who desires faster movement, must first learn patience and meekness, from which love and wisdom will arise. When he has gained a full measure of wisdom, he will also gain perfect knowledge in all things, which then will control the movement of the spirit.
In view of this, you need not look at your feet, whether their movement is fast or slow. Keep looking at your mind and its knowledge, and the movement will soon be fast enough! Do you understand this?"