Bishop Martin - The Progress of a Soul in the Beyond

- Chapter 133 -

(Martin opens his eyes in surprise, then begins to ponder the question. After a while, he starts to mumble as if to himself): "Hmm, I am still far behind! Oh depth, inconceivable depth, when shall I comprehend you? Yes, yes, it is true. God is omnipresent! But how is that possible? How can He be omnipresent when I see Him here, acting and speaking in the shape of a man?
True, the sun in thousands of mirrors is still one and the same sun. It is only one sun that is reflected from all the mirrors, and one and the same from trillions of dewdrops, trillions of eyes. And its effect only depends on the size of the mirror, the eye or dewdrop reflecting it. How peculiar, and still this is how it is and it cannot be any different.
How in a similar way the Lord can be omnipresent is, of course, much harder to comprehend. Is He a sun, too? But where is this sun? I saw only the Lord, the divine man Jesus, and spoke to Him. But I did not see any other sun but the one on which I am now walking.
Everything here is light, but I do not know its source. I am sure it comes from the Lord, but then the Lord Himself does not shine. He appears here quite without splendor, even simpler than we. It must be His omnipotent will speaking His eternal "Let there be light!' - in perpetual action, both spiritual and natural. O God, o God, whoever can comprehend Your infinite depth?
Now only I realize for the first time that all my knowledge is equal to zero - a vague, empty circle, quite irregular, not even showing a center! O Lord, when shall I be able to comprehend what You are?"
After these words, Martin falls silent and becomes absorbed in great and deep thought.