Bishop Martin - The Progress of a Soul in the Beyond

- Chapter 139 -

(At these words, Martin is quite embarrassed and does not know what to say. He says to himself softly): "Now I am really in a fix! What can I say? They are right in every point and I am an ass and an ox - with a wisdom-hat on my head! And now they are even coming to me with a second hat! Oh, dear brothers, help me from this dilemma."
(Says Peter): "Have patience, brother, and accept this trial and things will soon improve. Just keep thinking; you will surely find some answer. But remain earnest and do not give room to argument, but insist on what you maintain. Speak to them like a teacher, and you will soon be able to manage this advance guard. The rearguard will be more troublesome, but then we shall help you as much as is needed. So do not lose heart, everything will work out all right."
(Says Martin): "Brothers, I do not feel as if anything worthwhile will be forthcoming from me for I have already emptied my container of wisdom. That wisdom must follow love is now absolutely clear to me. The way these three wonderful beings explained it leaves me no ground for any objections. I must fully agree with them. Or do you have any better idea ?"
(Says Peter): "What is right is right, be it on earth or in heaven. But you still should not give in too easily, for your assertions, too, are defensible. Therefore, go on pondering on this for a while and you will find a very good reply."
(Martin, after having pondered on this subject for quite some time, has now really found a satisfactory argument, and says): "You wonderful daughters of the great sun, your speech is very wise indeed and well presented, but there is something lacking in it which may not seem important to you, but it is to me.
Since you know through your sages that the great Spirit of God has been a teacher on my little earth, and since you are also familiar with the nature of all its beings, I am surprised to find that you do not know what the Lord Jesus, Who is your Primordial Great Spirit, has spoken to us, His children, on other occasions.
Once, mothers brought their little children to Him. As this resulted in some crowding, the disciples, who already imagined themselves quite wise, rebuked the mothers in an endeavor to keep them away from the Lord. But when the Lord noticed this, He said to the disciples: 'Suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: For of such is the kingdom of God. Verily, I say unto you, whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child, he shall not enter therein.'
Thus the Lord clearly stipulated for those who were already wise, that they must become like children - who have no wisdom as yet - if they want to enter the Kingdom of God. Therefore, I wonder why you value wisdom that high and seem to be convinced that one can win the Kingdom of God only after obtaining your wisdom-prize? I should think that God's own teaching would be true and more sublime than yours.
It is true that the Lord told the wise Nicodemus that he would have to be born again before he could enter the Kingdom of God. However, He was not thinking of your kind of wisdom, which the Jew already possessed, but of the innocence of childhood, which is pure love! And thus I interpret the Lord's words: stick solely to love and leave all wisdom to the Lord. That is also the reason why I am with Him, and God only knows where I would be if the Lord had looked only on my wisdom, which is as good as non-existent.
I have also learned that he who would boast with his wisdom before God, commits a sin. But if one's heart, although lacking in wisdom, is filled with love of God, it already holds the highest award of life, helping one to become a child of God. With this award already in its possession, what purpose could yours serve? Therefore, let me tell you once more: I do not need your wisdom-prize since I have had what I need for a long time already.
I suggest that all of you strive for my prize, too, and as a result you will be much happier than you are at present, in the light of your wisdom alone, which, notwithstanding your inconceivable beauty, reveals only very little love. Speak now, if there is any more you have to say, but do not count on any further answer from me. For only one thing is needed, and that is love. Everything else is provided by the Lord, as and when required."