Bishop Martin - The Progress of a Soul in the Beyond

- Chapter 141 -

he other sun-dwellers, to whose family the three sun-maidens belong, have noticed how they are embracing Martin. This is beginning to worry them, and three men now advance toward Martin and say:
(The three sun-men): "High and sublime one, what our eyes are seeing is most unusual here, and not part of our order. Therefore, tell us what it means. Do you intend to take these three daughters from us? What gives you that right? Do you want them for your wives and to impregnate them? This cannot be, for you are not from this world, and besides, you are a spirit which cannot impregnate! Therefore, tell us what this means and what you intend to do with our daughters."
(Says Martin to the three men who, too, are extremely beautiful): "Dearest and fairest friends, do not worry about these three daughters, for they are better off with me than with you, who possess only wisdom and very little love. I will teach them to love and they will conceive love. This is the will of the Great God Who, in Himself, is the greatest, highest, and purest love. You, too, should learn it and it would mean progress for you instead of staying permanently in this your world, bodily and spiritually. I will take your daughters into my house, but you I will not accept if you cannot love. When you are able to love, there will be room for you, too."
(Say the three men): "There is no order in the meaning of your words. Consequently, no wisdom, and they are incomprehensible to us. Therefore, speak with wisdom when you address us! We do know that you belong to the children of the Great Primordial Spirit, and our top philosophers know you from your own planet. But all this is quite immaterial to us as long as you are not wearing the garment of wisdom. Therefore, we now order you, in the name of the highest wisdom of this world of light, to let these three go immediately, otherwise there will be disastrous consequences for you, as well as for the multitude following you. Unless you obey, we shall call our mightiest spirits to lay hands on you!"
(Says Martin): "Ah, ah, my fair and dearest friends, do not excite yourselves! Look at me - among all these many brothers and sisters who are with me here and also share my house, I may be the weakest. However, compared with you, I have enough power to scatter you with just one little thought, like a storm scatters the dust. Therefore, I advise you to take yourselves off with your ridiculous threats or I myself might lay hands on you and your supposedly mighty and very wise spirits. I am going to radiate a sternness that will make you feel as if you had a fever. So you had better go voluntarily or I might take steps forthwith!"
The three sun-men stretch their hands upwards, calling to their spirits. These, however, reply from a cloud:
(The spirits): "We cannot harm this party in any way, as we feel that it includes the Most Terrible. Either obey this party or flee it as fas.t and as far away as you can, or you will be in great trouble. All these are almighty, and the Most Almighty is among them! So, obey or flee, but obedience would be preferable for you, for where could you flee to from those whose feet are faster than your thoughts?"
(Now Martin speaks again): "Well, my still-lovable and dearest friends, what will you do? What does your wisdom suggest to you now? Are you still going to oppose all of us?"
(Say the three): "In such a case, our wisdom says: 'If he whom you want to fight is mightier than you, do not fight. And should he then give you an order, obey him strictly.' In view of the fact that you, with your party, are mightier than we, we are willing to obey you. So tell us what you want of us."
(Says Martin): "So, hurry ahead of us all, except your three daughters, who will stay with me, and prepare your house, for we shall be staying with you for a while. What has to be done later on, another One of my party will tell you, for, as already mentioned, I am the lowest among these thousands. So be it!"
Following these words of Martin, the three start on their way, crossing shining fields and heading toward a small rise in the valley, on which stands a large temple, which is the dwelling of these sun-people. It is surrounded by some smaller buildings at a lower level, in which the children are raised.