Bishop Martin - The Progress of a Soul in the Beyond

- Chapter 148 -

(The three sun-maidens): "We did notice that particularly this brother, whom you call Martin, possesses some notable sparks of mystical wisdom which is similar to that of our sages of the high mountain, who also come to us sometimes with things that are beyond our sphere of vision and comprehension, just like their dwellings. But what use is such a high mysticism to him or to you if you completely lack the first principles of practical wisdom?
These, however, consist in proper indulgence towards the weak, for where the strong wants to be a victor over the weak, there is no longer any order in wisdom, as every power must seek victory in its enlightened conciousness and not in the humiliating subjugation of one who is obviously the weaker.
And that is what we did when we caught sight of you, the considerably weaker ones, on our soil. We did what you wanted so that we might investigate you all the more profoundly; and now we know that you are most unfortunate beings. Therefore, although you are spirits, we invite you to learn from us proper wisdom, which you need badly if you want to eventually gain better thoughts and concepts about the Supreme Spirit.
Our pure spirits from the floating seas of light have warned us not to oppose you because of the presence of the 'Most Terrible' in your midst. We did not quite understand that warning, but now we do! It is clear that they meant you, and what is 'most terrible' is that you foolishly imagine yourself to be farthest advanced, seriously believing that you are the principal son of the Most High, and endeavoring to uphold this illusion in your brothers. And this is, for us, the most terrible thing: someone trying to deceive his weaker brothers!
He who is strong need not hide his strength, but he also must not use it against the weak. And whoever is weak should not pretend to be strong, but should show his weakness. Thus the strength of the strong and the weakness of the weak will become one strength in the strong.
Ponder these words! They come from children of this magnificent world who are almost minors, but if all of you follow us to the hospitable dwellings of our elders, a much more powerful light shall be given you. It is no obstacle that you imagine yourselves already perfect and think that we could come to harm if we touched you. Oh, do not worry about that!
Thanks to the proper wisdom, already as children in mortal bodies of this world, we possess much more spirituality than you ever will! Surely the spiritual does not dwell in the body as such, but only in the actual spirit which never changes, whether it is in a coarser or a finer ethereal body.
Furthermore, you spirits should not judge our bodies by the ones you used to have on your so-called 'Sacred Planet,' for they were coarser, heavier, clumsier, and darker than the roughest rocks in this world! You can see for yourselves that our bodies are far more ethereal and closer related to the light than even your spirits, as we see them here. Being at all times permeated with the spirit within them, our bodies unite far greater purity with the right order.
Therefore, follow us confidently to our homes and you shall no doubt become purer than you are now. But no force shall be used against your weakness by our considerably greater strength, of which we do not boast, as earlier you did of yours, friend Martin. You spoke ridiculously of a strength in you that would enable you to destroy our big world with ease, even though you were supposedly the weakest of your party; your 'strength' would enable you to destroy our world just as the bud of an ethereal flower can be crushed between thumb and forefinger.
Don't you now think that you somewhat overrated your strength? However, we shall not blame you for this, since you were speaking in your blind zeal, not knowing us at all. Now that you know us better, we hope, you are not likely to think of us in that way again, nor say things like that to us.
We shall now walk ahead, and you may follow us if you want to. Be assured that you will be received in the friendliest way into our solid houses, which really exist and were built with our will and our hands - not like your celestial house, built only in a fixed imagination.
And so that you, Martin, may see how far our wisdom reaches and that we know you and all the others better than you think, you shall find in the house of our elders a spectacle wherein you shall recognize yourself in all detail from the first beginnings to this moment.
You imagine yourself to be far outside your high celestial house, but at this moment, we are inside it and see everything that is happening there. Thus, we were witnesses when you were going to passionately kiss the disguised dragon. However, do not ponder the power of our vision at this stage; in due course, you will find the reason for all this in true wisdom. May you and all your party be guided by your free will. We shall walk ahead!"
Following this lengthy speech, the three depart.