Bishop Martin - The Progress of a Soul in the Beyond

- Chapter 189 -

(Says Martin): "Is that evildoer still not resting? O Lord, if I had just a spark of Your omnipotence I would attach him forever to some other globe. As long as that evil being is not fettered forever, matters will not improve on the poor globes.
Probably Your material creation, O Lord, has already been in existence for some decillions of earth years, or even sun years.
And through all those unimaginable aeons, and even prior to that, Satan has existed just as evil as at present. All the endless tribulations and punishments have failed to better him at all and, also in the future, nothing is going to change him for the better.
In view of these facts, I think he should be banned forever to some uninhabited globe so that the rest of creation can be left in peace.
For if You, O Lord, allow him a certain - even if most restricted - freedom, matters will never improve in the whole of infinity, and we shall always have our hands full with him.
Naturally, You, O Lord, see the whole situation much clearer than we do and know why You have so much patience and forbearance with Satan. I have only described this matter from my point of view, and that is what I would do about it. I realize that You will be doing what is right in the light of Your everlasting love and wisdom."
(Say I): "My dear son Martin, you speak as your wisdom teaches you, and another one would speak differently again; but he who sees into the depths of My order will speak as I do.
What does it matter if this being destroys something, since we can make it whole again? Did you not go through his school on earth, and were you not completely destroyed? And behold, you have been restored for all eternity.
Tell Me, does it still worry you how you fared when you were in your state of destruction? You say no, it does not worry you at all. Well, the same will be the case with trillions of others of your kind.
Very many are, of course, sick and suffer a lot, but we are able to help them. And when healed, would they still suffer because of their former illness? That is most unlikely, for one whose health has been restored, soon forgets what it was like to be sick, and then he does not often show much pity for the others who are sick and suffering.
And that is how it is now with you. You have been healed forever and no longer know pain, fear, and terror, as does he who is still very sick.
Therefore, we healthy and mighty spirits must have a lot of patience with the extremely sick Satan, and that all the more so because he must serve us through his sickness.
Or do you really think that Satan, who is under compulsion, can do unimpeded as he pleases? There you are very wrong!
Satan can do only as much as he is permitted to do. Although his designs are very wicked, he cannot carry them out without My permission. And why I occasionally allow him to carry out his evil designs is still beyond your comprehension at this stage. But when you have gained more experience through the activity of love in all the heavens, many things will become clear to you which, at present, you cannot comprehend.
However, I will not divert you from your opinion. If you want to ban Satan in order to gain everlasting peace for all infinity, I do not mind. I shall also endow you with sufficient might so that you can master him the way you imagine it. You shall find your will fully realized, but in the end you yourself will release Satan from the fetters in which you now want to bind him. Now, do whatever you wish; I have already bestowed upon you the necessary power and might."
(Says Martin): "O Lord, as long as I have the power and You agree, I shall be able to manage that scoundrel. But, at least one brother should be with me."
(Say I): "Not only one, but Peter, John, Borem, Chorel, Uron, and Shonel shall accompany you, and that right away. For, on the central belt of the sun, opposite our feet, so to speak, on the lower half of the sun, Satan has been responsible for considerable devastation and is still carrying on with it in a great fury and pain, laboring hard. Do with him what you think right. So be it!"
(Says Martin): "I thank You, O Lord and Father, and with Your help we shall succeed! Now brothers, let us be on our way at once or that scoundrel might destroy half the sun before we reach him."
(Says Peter): "Brother, if we travel fast, we are already at our destination without having moved a foot, for in spirit motion 'here and there' is instantaneous;"