Bishop Martin - The Progress of a Soul in the Beyond

- Chapter 196 -

(These words from Satan have startled Martin considerably, all the more so because he really feels a bit guilty. When his mind has somewhat calmed down, he turns to John and says): "Dear brother whom the Lord has filled with wisdom like none other, what do you think about this? Should I believe Satan in this one point? I do have an innermost feeling that he is not quite wrong."
(Says John): "Leave this matter now alone, for where we have never been able to achieve anything, also your efforts will be in vain. Bid him to keep peace in the name of the Lord, and let us then go home to the Father. Let Him do with Satan as He pleases, and that will be best."
(Says Satan): "And just because you have given my Martin such advice, I will not be told by him to keep my peace. I will do him the honor of going with him before the Lord, in order to discuss this matter - which none of you understands - with the Lord Himself. Now, go home and I shall follow you of my own free will."
(Says John): "Unfortunately, we know your intentions and that you are never more dangerous than when you don the garb of highmindedness. Therefore, if you have the courage, you will have to find your own way to the Lord. We are not commissioned to take you, the Lord's greatest enemy, with us.
It would be quite different, of course, if you had followed Martin's sound advice and returned to the Father as a repentant, prodigal son. In that case, all of us would have welcomed you as a companion. But you are of no use to us the way you are.
However, if you want to see the Lord, you know the road to Him only too well. But, as you now are, you can never ever walk in our company. So be it, in the name of our and your God and Lord!"
(Upon these words, Satan scowls and says): "If the Lord will send me messengers like you again, I swear by all that is sacred to me that I will not turn back in eternities - even if the Lord judged me with the fire of all the central suns.
Martin might achieve something with me, but John, Peter, and Paul, not ever! Mind these words, you hard, merciless lout of a disciple of Christ! Do you think I am scared or intimidated by you and your words because you are John, the scribbler of the Gospel and the Revelation? You are quite mistaken if you do!
A blowfly created by me has much more worth to me than a thousand prophets like you! You should be ashamed of your hard-heartedness towards those who are the same Creator's work, even though miserable and wretched!
The Lord Himself has characterized you most appropriately when, in His great parable of the prodigal son, He said: 'When the father gave a great feast for the poor prodigal son who had returned home, and the other sons and children heard about it, they came and said angrily: You have never given a feast for us who have always been faithful. But when this depraved son returns, he who had hurt you so much that heaven and earth shook from horror, you give him your signet ring and prepare a feast for him!'
I need not remind you of the father's reply to this complaint, for you will remain unchanged - hard-hearted and merciless like all the rest of your rabble.
Martin, however, is an exception, although, since influenced by you, he was rather rude for a while. But he improved, and the talk with him was the first blissful moment for my heart since unimaginable aeons. Therefore, I shall always hold him in high esteem, and if ever anyone could achieve something with me, it would be Martin. You others can save yourselves the trouble forever! Go now, and I will stay here!"
(Says John): "You have wronged me very much, because it was I who reproved Martin and caused him to set you free after he had, through his might, banned you forever to that steaming crater of fire and even covered you up with glowing mountains. Considering what I did then for you, how can I be a hard and merciless lout?"
(Says Satan): "Friend, do not talk to me of your charity! What Martin did was done out of thoughtlessness. And, upon realizing that it was wrong, he immediately righted his thoughtless action. But you are the way you are, and you will never change your outlook - be it right or wrong! Because of this, I hate and despise you more than my worst suffering and torment. To you, Martin, my respect, but to the rest of you, my everlasting and deepest contempt! Now go away or I shall cause an uproar as has not been seen in all infinity as yet!"
(Says John): "We are not here to take orders from you, but to stop your evil activity. Therefore, we shall leave when it is the Lord's will, not when it suits you! If you wish to cause an uproar, you may try, and you will soon find that our power over you is greater than yours over us.
Since you ordered us to leave here immediately, we could give you quite a different order in the name of the Lord. But we do not want to repay evil with evil, and we advise you to keep quiet if you do not wish or are unable to follow Martin's call. This is the final short period of time you have left for your conversion. If you do not make use of it, you shall be under the most severe judgment forever.
You referred to the parable of the prodigal son in order to accuse us of hardness of heart. However, I assure you that the prodigal son will return also without you, namely, in the many devout brothers who will be standing before God with one mind, like one man. But you shall be cast into the everlasting fire of God's judgment like the rich spendthrift if you do not follow Martin's call very soon."
(Says Satan): "The Lord may do as He pleases, but so will I. I shall prove to Him and all of you that the Lord can scatter all infinity with His might like chaff, but my heart and will shall forever defy His omnipotence and wisdom with the hardest, invincible defiance. Now do what you want and I shall do what I want!"
(Says Martin): "Oh brother, as I can now see, all our efforts are in vain, so let us go. I now realize beyond doubt that nothing more can be achieved with this Satan."
(Says John): "Dear Martin, if he had not ordered us to go home, we would already have done so. But his will must never determine our actions; therefore, we shall delay our departure for a while. If we left now just because he told us to, he would have achieved a triumph over us, and if that happened, we would be in trouble. So we will, and must, wait for a while and tidy up this area. So be it!"