Bishop Martin - The Progress of a Soul in the Beyond

- Chapter 200 -

(Says John): "Listen, you say that you loathe the earth like a nauseous carrion. That is most peculiar since it is none but you who, with your profound wisdom and outstanding skill, made the earth into what it is now. How, then, can you find the masterpiece of your own wisdom so nauseous?
Thanks to the Lord's grace, I, too, have called into existence many things, but I have never had any reason to be ashamed of those works, let alone loathe them.
The same applies to my numerous heavenly brothers and sisters, but none of us have ever boasted with supreme divine wisdom and might like you. The only thing we ever praise is the Lord's grace. All our works are pleasant before Him and magnificent in every respect, and we have every reason to rejoice in them. But how is it possible that your exceedingly wise creations are loathsome to you?"
(Says Satan): "Is the earth my work? Isn't it written: 'In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth'? How, then, can the earth be my work?"
(Says John): "Well, well, how you keep changing your statements! You have repeatedly maintained not only to be the real creator of the earth and the whole of infinity, but that all that is actually you, your substance.
Thus, I can well remember that great time of times when you had the nerve to lead the Lord, your God and Creator, to the summit of a high mountain and say to Him: 'Behold, all that is mine! I shall give you all the kingdoms of the world if you will fall down and worship me'! If at that time you called the earth yours, how can it now be the Lord's? Tell me, when did you lie, then or now?"
(Says Satan): "I beg you not to shame me so mightily. I admit that I have lied - then as well as now - to a certain degree, but only because it is part of my nature. I also admit that it is largely my fault that the earth is now so loathsome. But do spare me now these reproaches and let the matter drop. In the future you will never again have reason to be angry with me poor devil."
(Says John): "What guarantee will you give that we can believe you?"
(Says Satan): "You know that of old it was always claimed that there is no truth in me. If so, what could serve as a guarantee for you? Your will shall be my judgment if I go back on my word. That is the only guarantee I can give you."
(Says John): "Not mine, but the Lord's will shall be your judgment; so stay here as requested."
(Now John summons all those present and says to them): "Brothers, you realize that a covenant between two parties, of whom one is honest but the other suspected of dishonesty, requires witnesses so that the covenant can become legal. You have heard and seen all that has taken place here, and you know for what purpose. The Lord sent you here as witnesses, just as Martin and I had to come because of the Word and conciliation, as well as to bear witness. Therefore, all of you shall remain forever a living testimony of what you have seen and heard here. And your testimony shall be true everlastingly before the Lord and all His heavens and His children!"
(Say the witnesses unanimously): "Yes, as sure as our lives are out of God!"
(Says John to Satan): "Our covenant has now been ratified and sanctioned by eternally true witnesses. Therefore, keep your promise. But woe betide you - three times woe - if you don't keep your promise, as you have shown on all previous occasions!"
(Says Satan): "Why all the fuss? Show me a place where I can stay and I assure you that if you return in a decillion of sun years, you will find me exactly as you left me."
(Says John): "All right, so be it! Over there, between the two mountains, you can see a plot of grass as green as hope. Go there and rest in the name of the Lord Jesus, the Anointed from eternity!"
At the name of Jesus, Satan dashes off with lightning speed and settles with a great howl in the indicated place. But all the envoys return home.