Bishop Martin - The Progress of a Soul in the Beyond

- Chapter 29 -

(Back with Me, Bishop Martin says): "My beloved lord, master, friend, and brother - what a dilemma my innate stupidity has got me into! Now I really do not know whether I am the fool or are those behind that door!
They fear you even more than the others do, and they, in all seriousness, take you not only for Jesus, founder of the Christian faith, but even for the Supreme Godhead in person, basing their convictions on a sort of logical philosophy which it is not exactly easy to prove wrong.
Do tell me, dearest friend, what makes all these souls and spirits have such a peculiar notion about you? I now do notice the well-known stigmata on your hands and feet, and am practically positive that you are the Savior Jesus; - but Godl Jesus and God at the same time? That, if I may say so, is overdoing it!
And still those spirits boldly maintain this! What gave them such an idea? Could it be that they are right after all? That would be too much for a poor soul like me. If that were true, although I could not comprehend it, I would be terrified. Oh, dear friend, do reassure me on this matter."
(Say I): "Friend and brother, you yourself, as a bishop on earth, preached Jesus the Crucified, and proved His deity to be present even in the smallest particles of the Host. And behold, all those whom we saved from the flames and who are now here with us, are sheep from your diocese and followers of your teaching.
Why then did you teach them this in the world if you now claim it to be nonsense? If it is nonsense, we must ask: Whose nonsense is it? If it is the truth, we must ask: What honor is there in it for their former teacher if he is now fighting his own doctrine in his students?
As a matter of fact, I am Jesus the Crucified, and in this brother here, I introduce to you the real old Peter, on whose assumed chair the Roman bishops are sitting and ruling. Of course, this is not being done according to the order of the real Peter, but only the one they themselves have invented to be used to their best advantage. So, now you know who I and your first guide, Peter, are. Your own followers will give you further details.
I once said that the children of the world are more prudent than those of the light. Since you, like an emperor of China, consider yourself a son of the light, go to your followers, who are genuine children of the world, and let them teach you at least good sense if you have no relish for their wisdom."
(Bishop Martin): "Oh, friend, although you are the Jesus who made himself known as the Son of the Most High, where then is the Most High, the almighty eternal Father? And where is the Holy Ghost coming forth from the Son and the Father - since we are now reverting to the dogma, disregarding the light of pure reason?"
(Say I): "How is it written in the Gospel? Behold, it says: 'I and My Father are one; who sees Me, sees also the Father!' If you do believe, why do you still ask, seeing Me? If you do not believe, why do you ask at all? Stay the way you are and I shall stay as I am and, I think, there is no reason for us to argue.
In that room there are your followers. Go to them and learn My teaching from them again. Then come back so that I may interpret it for you!
For I, the true Savior, am telling you here in My eternal kingdom that you are a foolish spirit in not recognizing My great love for you. I have treated you with the greatest consideration, and you are still deaf and blind. I gave you the bread of life, and you devoured it like a polyp, paying no attention to the sudden spiritual effect it had on these sinners.
With open eyes and ears you neither see nor hear! I cause the strangest things to happen around you, and you do not even ask, 'Who is He Whom the seas and winds obey?'
So return once more to your followers and learn from them how to recognize Him Whom you have all the time considered your equal. So be it!"