Bishop Martin - The Progress of a Soul in the Beyond

- Chapter 46 -

(The Lord): "We have reached the ninth door. What do you see here? Now, My dear son Martin, you are again allowed to speak, but only what is necessary. So answer My question."
(Bishop Martin): "Lord, I do not see very much, as yet. There are about nine small, bare, shapeless globes floating in this pure celestial air. Except for some scrub, I cannot discern much upon them, although I have the impression as if a vast celestial world were becoming visible in the very far distance. But, due to this distance, it is very vague, and I cannot see what is on it.
Four of the globules circling closer to us seem to be inhabited because I notice on them a peculiar type of small buildings, although I cannot see any human beings. These, I assume, would not be very tall, probably a kind of infusorial man. One of these globules is just floating past the door. The only things I can see on it are some stunted shrubs and tiny dwellings, which look rather like ant hills. But there is no movement, except that of the globule itself. Do tell me, o Lord, whether that, too, is a planet, or what?"
(Say I): "Yes, My dear son Martin, that, too, is a planet; however, as you can see, not a whole one, but a badly mangled one. For, in addition to the nine pieces circling irregularly in front of us, there is still a lot of wreckage: some of it scattered on other planets, some floating around in disorderly courses in the endless spaces of creation. Here and there, if they come too close, they are attracted and sort of swallowed by some solid planet or sun.
You have now some questions in your mind: 'How and why was this planet shattered? What was it like before? What were its inhabitants like?'
"The answer to the 'how' is My omnipotence: It was My will!
And why? Behold, this planet was originally destined to what has now become the destination of the earth. For the first fallen spirit had chosen it, with the promise to humble himself and return to Me. Therefore, this planet was meant to become the star of salvation. Here, he promised to be active by himself without ever interfering with the sphere of any of the star's inhabitants, nor those of any other planet.
However, he did not keep his promise, but used his freedom to such an evil end that no life could make progress on the planet. As a result, he was banned into the fiery center of the planet, and the destination of that planet was transferred to your earth forthwith.
When the earth was ready for human beings and I sowed the seed for the first man, the evil one tore at his prison walls. Out of compassion. I let him do what he wanted, and he tore his earth to pieces and plunged into the chasm of your earth, where, ever since, he has been doing all that is familiar to you.
The reason for the destruction of this planet was, as in all things, My compassion. For, while the planet was still whole and inhabited by many powerful nations, the dragon poisoned their hearts with lust for power. As a result, they swore each other continual war and complete annihilation to the last man.
There was no other way then but a judgment, and that was the bursting of the planet, whereby many millions of its very tall inhabitants perished. Some were buried under debris, but most of them were flung out into space. Some even fell onto earth, and from that time also dates the pagan myth of the war of the giants.
But the first human beings died out completely on the remaining pieces of this originally largest planet, because they were unable to find the necessary food. They were eventually replaced by a very small race of men, extremely modest, who represent the hair on the head and the eyebrows of the cosmic man. In the background, you can still see the whole planet as it used to be, preserved for the great day that is going to dawn in the whole of infinity.
Now you know also about this door what is necessary for you to know at this stage. In due course, everything else will sprout from the seed I have now placed in your heart. Follow Me now to the tenth door, where new wonders are awaiting you. So be it!"