Bishop Martin - The Progress of a Soul in the Beyond

- Chapter 7 -

ur man, quite overwhelmed by all this beauty and his own feelings, says in a trembling voice: "Oh, you heavenly little angels, you lovely little angels of the Lord, I - I am supposed to be your shepherd, but, as you can see, my sweet little angels, I am too stupid for that!"
The most beautiful of the maidens now sits down close beside our man, and the others follow her example. Then she says to the shepherd: "You dear man, you are too modest; I find you very handsome, and, if you are willing, I would be only too happy to be yours forever. Look at me - don't you like me?"
Our man is so enamored that he can but utter, "Oh . . . oh . . . oh!", for the lovely head with the golden curls, the friendly, large blue eyes, the beautifully shaped mouth, the delicate full bosom, the beautiful hands and feet drive our man almost out of his wits.
The little angel, seeing the shepherd's great agitation, bends over and kisses him on the forehead.
This costs him his last self-control, and he embraces the beautiful maiden passionately, uttering a flood of protestations of love.
Then suddenly the whole scene changes. The "little angels" vanish, and the angel, Peter, is standing beside our man, saying:
"But, brother, how are you tending your sheep? Was this the advice I gave you? If you handle the sheep and lambs entrusted to you in this way, it will take very long for you to reach the goal of eternal life! Why didn't you make use of the book?"
(Says the bishop): "Why didn't you tell me that the sheep and lambs seen from your house are really the most beautiful maidens, to whom only a stone could remain indifferent? As you see, the whole thing was a hoax, so why make a lot of fuss about it?"
(Says the angel): "But what about your celibacy? Haven't you broken that as well as your vow of chastity?"
(Says the bishop): "Never mind celibacy and vow! I am now altogether on Lutheran ground, where both are abolished! And, anyway, to an angel like that maiden, I would, even on earth, have sacrificed my celibacy and turned Lutheran to please her! But where have the beautiful maidens got to now, especially that one? Oh, if I could only see her once again!"
(Says the angel): "Friend, you will see her again very soon with all the others; but you will not be allowed to speak to her, nor approach her. However, if she tries to follow you, raise your hand and say: 'Return to the right order, in the name of the Lord, and do not tempt me, but follow the voice of order!'
Should, however, the flock disregard your words, then open the book and read aloud the names in it. The flock will then either scatter immediately or - if it detects a sound arising from the power of the Lord in you - follow you! In that case, you will lead it onto that hill in the south, where I shall meet you again.
But what has just happened, you should sacrifice in your heart to the Lord Jesus, for He allowed you to fall, and in your fall to cast off your tenacious celibacy.
But now make sure that you do not fall again, for that might have disastrous consequences for you, and could cost you hundreds of earth years to overcome. Therefore, be watchful and wise! Once you are purified, you will meet much greater beauties in the realms of heaven, but not before you have uprooted all your earthly foolishness.
Now wait here and do as advised, and that will mean a pleasant path for you in the name of the Lord."
Immediately after these words, the angel Peter vanishes so as to give the bishop no opportunity to come out with any of his burlesque remarks or to contradict him.