Bishop Martin - The Progress of a Soul in the Beyond

- Chapter 72 -

(Borem): "Friend and brother, let us thank the Lord's endless wisdom and inconceivable love and compassion in dealing with the party so leniently and promptly, contrary to our expectation. Such tests may sometimes last for many earth-years, even with less evil spirits; but with this party, they took only three earth-days, although the tested ones must have felt it like some decades. However, this is scarcely worth mentioning, considering the reality and that some of the tested are charged with a feeling that their ordeal is lasting through thousands, sometimes even millions, of years.
In short, the Lord has shown extraordinary mercy with these thirty Jesuits. They were really standing on the edge of the precipice and were very much closer to hell than to heaven, which is still quite a considerable distance away from them. But the worst is over. They are saved and will now be gradually bettered. This is a great step forward, and praise be to the Lord. For what is impossible for the highest angel, the Lord can still achieve!
You would like to see more of this third act, and I see you are still watching the back of that Jesuit's head attentively. But I can tell you that there will be no more to see. This party will now repent and join its better brothers, to be released from this sort of material sphere as soon as we've had a look at the minds of the Ladies of the Sacred Heart.
So let us now go to these ladies and watch them the same way we did the Jesuits. There they are! You may choose any of them; you will still see the same thing!"
(Bishop Martin): "If so, the nearest will do, and I shall look through the back of her head. There - I can see them already, like the thirty Jesuits, standing all together in a garden with a high wall, against the northern corner of which there is a rather ominous-looking convent building.
They seem to be arguing about something, but I cannot yet hear what it is all about. However, I do notice that from time to time they tum darker, then again lighter - similar to snow-clad mountain peaks on earth when the winds drive the clouds and make the mountains appear quite grey at times and then again beautifully shimmering as soon as the rays of the sun get through to them once more. What might be the reason for this manifestation concerning these Ladies of the Sacred Heart?"
(Borem): "Dear brother, you have used quite a good metaphor and in your natural picture you can also find the reason for this phenomenon. For here, too, the clouds of misapprehension, driven by the winds of their various earthly passions, are floating across the peaks of these ladies' understanding. And just as on earth bad weather can be expected when the winds start chasing the clouds, so it will be here in this spiritual manifestation.
Did you notice that the darkenings are becoming more frequent and lasting? This is a sure sign that the actual test is imminent. When the darkness has become constant, the first act of the bad weather will begin. Watch carefully - for here you will see even more interesting things than you did with the thirty Jesuits."
(Bishop Martin): "You are right! With some of them the darkness is already constant. From the others, too, the light is waning, turning all into grey.
What a peculiar mixture of darkness and grey! On the darkest ones, already a coloring like that of red-hot iron is gradually creeping upwards. It might originate from the rage within them or even from hell. Oh, dear brother, this looks most ominous!
Now I can see two male beings entering the garden from the convent. The Ladies of the Sacred Heart in the middle of the garden, who are already very dark, do not seem to have noticed the approaching intruders as yet.
Aha, now something is going to happen! Our ladies have got wind of the fact that there is somebody near them who should not be there. For I see glowing daggers in their hands, pointing in the direction of the intruders, making a not-too-friendly welcome.
Now the Mother Superior is making signs for everybody to be silent. I wonder what will happen now? It looks as if she is going to speak. Yes - she is already clearing her throat. It will be most interesting to hear what rubbish she is going to offer the others. Attention - she is already beginning."
(The Prioress): "Listen to me, my honorable and highly respectable ladies, our sublime, holy order is in great danger. Two impertinent men, or rather rogues, have sneaked into our divine garden through our holy convent, most likely for unchaste reasons or maybe to spy out details about our possessions, and how best they could rob us. However, we shall make them pay dearly for their impertinence!
We are about ninety in number, I estimate. When these scoundrels approach us, we shall call to them: 'Out with you, shameless scamps!' And if they do not leave immediately, we shall all fall upon them and each one of us will thrust her glowing dagger deep into their chests. When they are dead, our caretaker can chop them up and burn them on a pile here in the garden in order to cleanse this holy place after their sacrilege."
(Bishop Martin): "I say, what bloodthirsty designs on the part of these dear Ladies of the Sacred Heart of Jesus! Oh, those wicked beasts! This I wouldn't have expected of these true furies of hell! If this is the beginning, I wonder what the further tests will bring? Look, the two men appear good and kind, and I could say of them: 'Behold, two men whose souls are guileless!' And these evil beasts condemn them, even before they have seen or spoken to them."
(Borem): "Compose yourself! You know how these things work! Let them do as they wish. When it is time for us to interfere, the tablet will instruct us. But until then, we must be nothing but silent observers of this scene. So go on looking!"
(Bishop Martin now continues to watch the scene before him attentively, and after a while, says): "Look, brother, the two men are turning towards the door of the convent as if intending to leave the garden again.
However, the ladies, on noticing this, are shouting, quite contrary to their original intention: 'Stop, do not move any further, you ungodly scamps!'
The two men seem to ignore this and continue towards the door of the convent. Seeing this, the ladies are turning red-hot with rage, and are dashing screaming after the men to block their exit.
A number of them are surrounding the two men with drawn daggers, and are asking them menacingly: 'What are you doing here, you cursed scoundrels? Admit your evil intentions, your treacherous plan, so that we may torture you all the more without mercy! By your bold and shameless entry into this garden, you have committed sacrilege against God's sanctuary, and thus have spurned the Spirit of God! Death alone can atone for this worst kind of mortal sin, and only eternal damnation can appease Divine Justice! Speak now, you cursed rogues!'
Now the two men speak: 'Listen patiently! We have been sent to you by God to free you from your great folly. However, seeing that there is nothing but rage and glowing revenge in your hearts, it is clear that you are still far from ready for such great mercy, and it will still take a very long time for you to become worthy of it. Have you not heard that whoever judges and condemns, shall himself be judged and damned? We, on our part, shall not reward evil with evil. Therefore, let us go in peace, otherwise you will be in real trouble.'
The ladies now furiously fall upon the two with their daggers. However, the men vanish and the ladies stab each other in their blind fury."