Bishop Martin - The Progress of a Soul in the Beyond

- Chapter 75 -

(Bishop Martin watches silently for a while, then says): "Yes, dearest friend, you are right. I begin to realize that the Lord's order is quite different from what I imagined it to be. It is only too true what is written, that the ways of the Lord are unfathomable!
But at the same time, it is also unfathomable why my ignorance is so lasting, whilst you, with the least spiritual aid, have become a wise angel of the Lord in such a short time! However, be that as it may, I feel it strongly in my heart that the Lord Jesus has become my only need. And this feeling makes me happy and serene. This is all I want for all eternity! I assure you, dear friend and brother, as long as I have the Lord, nothing else matters.
Therefore, I think that since the Lord is doing His best for this stubborn party and we cannot change anything, it is not worth our while to go on watching these scenes, in which I at least can see as good as nothing that is pleasant or beneficial for the spirit. The ladies have come back to life and are now racing around the garden glowing brightly, as if they were true furies or devils. But what good can this sight give me which I cannot comprehend, nor hardly ever will?
If it depended on me, I would much rather go outside and work in that beautiful garden than go on watching these boring scenes!"
(Borem): "Listen, dearest brother - what is right for the Lord should also be right for us. For the Lord is guiding both of us too, and He knows best why He is leading us this particular way.
Therefore, keep on watching patiently what is to be seen here, and do not worry about the interpretation, which will come to you in due course, clear and comprehensible.
Do go on telling me what you see, and I shall explain it to you where necessary. In the name of the Lord, do now as I have advised you to do!"
(Bishop Martin): "Of course, you are right! The Lord is guiding us simultaneously, and it is important that we comply with His will conscientiously. So I shall go on watching this spiritual comedy, but allow me to speak without choosing my words!"
(Borem): "Speak as you please - that is all I can say. But beware of passing judgment, for that is solely up to the Lord!"
(Bishop Martin, quite satisfied, begins to look again at the back of the head of one of the ladies of the Sacred Heart, and says): "Oh dear, oh dear! This is in all earnest a rather savage and evil scene. Those ladies are now quite naked and their flesh is glowing like melting ore. The more it glows, the wilder they run around in confusion.
They are not exactly fat, these female salamanders, but they have still retained a rather human appearance. Their figures are not too bad - some have even quite good bosoms, - but their faces are awfully distorted! On earth I have seen similar faces only on monkeys. Ah, how savage and horribly ugly their faces are!
Oh dear, look at that one standing near us! Oh Lord, what a face! Her nose is hanging down almost to her belly, her ears resemble those of an elephant, her mouth looks rather like the arse of an old cow, and her neck is full of goiters The eyes, of irregular shape, resemble a dog's arse, and her hair looks like reptiles. How peculiar - the body would be quite normal but the head, really - I could not imagine anything more abominable!
Oh look, another one is approaching and she looks really terrifying! She has the head of a boa constrictor, only her long ass's ears have a somewhat mitigating effect. Those staring eyes and that constant snake's hiss; and with every breath she emits dark brown fumes through her mouth, eyes and nostrils! How disgusting! Here again, her body is quite in order and, except for the glow, could be called well developed. Only her head is so abominable! For God's sake, what unutterable ugliness!
Ah, now they are once more running around in confusion like crazy fowls. I wonder what all this means?"
(Borem): "I can tell you: nothing very unusual. That they are glowing is due to their furious zeal on behalf of their order. Their activity in running that order expresses itself by their racing around. That these ladies' bodies look quite normal is due to their rather chaste minds, but the peculiar appearance of their heads is due solely to their utter stupidity. When their understanding grows, their heads will improve. However, while they stick to their folly, there is not much hope for any improvement of their heads.
Now you know the corresponding cause of such manifestation. But go on looking, for what you have seen so far is only the prelude. The actual drama is still to come."
(Bishop Martin): "That will really be something! If the actual drama is yet to commence, I am most anxious to see what it will be like."