Bishop Martin - The Progress of a Soul in the Beyond

- Chapter 77 -

(Bishop Martin once more glances at the back of the head of the lady, and says after a while): "Yes, that is right, the two white-robed men are now really moving towards the convent, accompanied by the old people. The closer they get, the more flashes of lightning are coming from the many windows, but they are not reaching far enough. Also, the thunder inside is only scarcely audible.
The party has now reached the wall around the garden. One of the white-robed men quickly opens the gate, and they all enter the garden and draw close to the convent building.
There, the two men in white post themselves in front of the group of old people, they pull out long trumpets from under their robes, and are now sounding them with great force. What a strong, majestic sound it is!
But what do I see? The convent building is collapsing like the walls of Jericho, and our ladies are crawling out from under the debris, like worms from a swamp, lamenting and cursing. They now look like the giant frogs that are found on earth in Lower Egypt. Only their heads are more like those of boa constrictors than those of frogs. I also notice that they have scorpion tails. The situation now looks rather ominous.
The old people are terrified at this sight. The strange frogs have stopped cursing, but are croaking horribly. However, their croaking is quite senseless and has not the least effect, as the two men are now driving them towards the west, whilst the old people follow, greatly astonished.
At the site of the convent, there now stands a disgusting, gloomy pool. I find this most frightening! One thing is very strange: I see the frogs and the party behind them as they all hurry towards the west, yet they are still quite as big and clear as before, although they are already at a considerable distance from us."
(Borem): "Distances in space have no effect on the eyesight of a spirit. A spirit is independent of space and time. Only the different states of the mind represent true spiritual distances, and influence the eyesight of the spirit, often blinding it completely.
If the two men in white were not present at the flight of the frogs, you would not be able to see them at all, for the state of mind of those frogs is too different from ours. But as the minds of the two are closely related to ours, we would still see them the same, even if they were at a great distance from us!
We could have a close look at hell also. However, that would not be accomplished through an association of minds, but only through the Lord's miraculous mediation, which you will get to know in due course.
Now you know the reason for this appearance, which rightly seems strange, but will become quite clear to you at a later time. Now go on watching the scene before you, which is most educational."
Concentrating on the scene once more, Bishop Martin sees how the frogs, already deep in the dark evening, have reached the shore of a vast sea and have stopped. Here they are beginning to croak pitifully, refusing to enter the water. The two white-robed men do not force them in, but give them free choice.
(Seeing this, Bishop Martin says): "Look at those ugly frogs! They do not want to enter the element for which they seem to have been created. I am beginning to suspect the reason why this is so. There must still be something of a better nature in them which does not belong to that element, and which most likely is going to keep them on dry land."
(Borem): "That may be so! But go on watching, for the development of the first act will soon be apparent!"
(Bishop Martin watches the scene attentively, and says after a while): "Ah, ah, look, how strange! The frogs are now inflating themselves to the frightening size of huge elephants, facing the two white-robed men and the party of old people, who are getting more and more scared. The frogs are still swelling, as if blown up with bellows.
They look as if they could attack the whole party, but the two men do not retreat a single step, although the old people seem ready to fly more than run away.
Now the two men order silence, and one of them addresses the old people: 'Do not be afraid of these inflated things! It is only the wicked skin that seems so frightening, but the being inside is weaker than that of a mite! We could blow them away with a single breath, these beings whom you worshipped as blessed, but we shall not be as merciless as they - the would-be brides of God - were to us and to you, although we are true Protestants and zealously protest against everything that is not of the Lord.
'And if you want to know exactly who these inflated frogs are, then know that they are your daughters whom your utter foolishness has practically sent to their damnation, driving them into the convent of the Ladies of the Sacred Heart together with considerable fortunes. How do you like them in their celestial garb?'
The old people throw up their arms, tear their hair, and scream: 'But for heaven's sake, Jesus, Mary and Joseph, help us! How is this possible? They were said to have led such pure lives and have at all times obeyed the strict rules of the order and their father confessor! And now we find them here in this terrible state! Oh, Jesus, Mary and Joseph, what has become of them?'
Says one of the white-robed men: 'Calm yourselves and do not worry about these unworthy ones. We have been sent here by the Lord to seek and recover, in His most holy name, what was lost, and we shall eventually straighten out these frogs. But in order that you may be cured of your folly, you have to be present when we do this, and patiently accept all that might befall you. But first, make sure that you awaken your love of the one God, Lord and Father, Jesus, and the path you will have to follow will be much easier!'
Now the old people are beginning to weep at the misfortune of their supposedly blessed daughters. But the latter are inflating themselves even more so."