!!! HIGH ALERT !!!
!!! The end of our Freedom, of our Existence !!!

The mark of beast is a combination of the vaccine and the chips. Anyone takes the vaccine becomes a hybrid, a killing machine, a zombie, so does the chips. Anyone takes the vaccine and the mark of beast will be lost forevermore. The pandemic is about to break out on a full scale. Because of My mercy, I have held it back to let more people to have more time to prepare, but how many have listened? I will not hold back any more. Comparing with the first one, this next one will be so much worse, no country in the world can be spared from it. A large number of souls will fall into the pit of Hell because of this, do not cease praying for the lost, I desire all to be saved, no one to perish. (Source)


Bishop Martin - The Progress of a Soul in the Beyond

- Chapter 81 -

(Bishop Martin): "Look, that one frog is now at the feet of the two in white, and is licking them!
One of the men says to the frog, pointing to the sea: 'Behold, there is your element!'
However, the frog is sitting up, croaking quite distinct words, which seem to say: 'Oh you mighty messengers, I realize that this terrible sea is my element which I have deserved as everlasting punishment. But I still dare to beg you to be merciful and not apply God's just condemnation in all its severity. However, not mine but your will be done!'
Says the one: 'We two have no will other than that of the Lord, which is eternally unchangeable. We have acquainted you with this will, and it is now up to you to obey. Behold, your element is over there!'
Ah, the frog is now beginning to croak pitifully, writhing and twisting and entreating the two to at least allow it to stay on the dry land.
Says the one again: 'As long as you are not prepared to walk the prescribed path, you cannot be helped.'
Now the frog turns miserably towards the sea and throws itself in. It has vanished - the waters seem to have swallowed it forever. Oh, the poor frog! I must tell you, brother Borem, that I pity that poor frog from the depths of my heart. But since it was the Lord's will, it is good this way. Still, I am very sorry for the frog.
Now the old man goes to the shore and says: 'If my poor daughter has not found mercy with the Lord, I do not want it either, and for love of my poor daughter, I shall throw myself into the sea to share her lot of eternal condemnation!'
With these words, he too throws himself into the sea, but does not sink since it is not his element. This is strange - he is walking around in the water as if it were dry land, searching for his daughter, lamenting. I wonder what will result from all this?
Ah, look - the other frogs also are getting smaller and smaller. They, too, are now licking the feet of the two men in white. How strange - after having inflated themselves to such giant sizes, they now look like the smallest frogs on earth! They must have an extremely tough skin since it did not burst with that immense inflation.
Oh dear, if one of them had burst when they were so big, what an explosion that would have been! That could have driven the sea back for half an eternity. If they could invent something on earth of the elasticity of the skin of these frogs, that would mean the end of rubber.
Forgive me, dear brother, for these remarks of mine having a humorous tinge. That is still an old habit of mine. However, this thing, as such, is extremely funny, especially when I think of all the creases the skin of these frogs must be showing after such a shrinking!
I know that in the eyes of the Lord and His angels all these manifestations are of utter divine earnestness. But for one like me, they are often very funny. Thus the Lord, doubtlessly, did not laugh when He gave the ass its two long ears, but the likes of me must laugh seeing such a long-eared philosopher, although quite aware that the ass needs its long ears quite as much as the bird its scarcely visible ones.
Just as on earth there are many things that appear silly and therefore funny, so it is here, with many manifestations. Not all find them funny, of course, but only beings like myself. In time, if you can speak here of time at all, I shall probably not find them amusing any longer. But in my present state, I just cannot completely ignore the humorous aspect."
(Borem): "Never mind, dear brother. I am not morose either, and the Lord even less so. But the type of ridiculing laughter must be banned from heaven altogether, for it - just as excessive curiosity - hides some malicious pleasure.
However, in your remark about the elasticity of the skin of these frogs there was no malice, only the wittiness innate in your spirit. Eventually you will smile at your insipid jokes when you realize how meaningless they are. But for now concentrate once more on your little frogs and see what happens to them."
(Bishop Martin): "Yes, you are right! I can already see them. They are still licking the feet of the two men. Some are croaking at them, but I cannot understand a thing.
Most likely they, too, are asking the two messengers for a general amnesty, but these do not seem to agree but keep pointing to the sea. The little frogs begin to croak even louder, climbing on the feet of the two men, but in vain. The men threaten them, and now the frogs hop towards the sea and also throw themselves in.
All the frogs have vanished. Only the old people are still standing on the shore, staring into the depths, hoping to still get a glimpse of their daughters. However, they cannot see anything, just as the first one, who is still wandering about on the water searching for his daughter. He calls to the others, telling them that the water is as solid as rock.
But they do not feel like probing the firmness of the water with their feet and, instead, return to the two men in white. They question them about the fate of their daughters, and whether they are now lost forever.
The two men in white do not answer, but walk out onto the sea and far away.
The old people are now in despair. Some try to step on the water as urged by the one - and it works. Now they all run out into the sea, intending to follow the two men, but it is not so easy, for the surface of the water seems to be slippery, and they keep tumbling one on top of the other. The first one, the one who wanted to throw himself into the water, makes quite good progress, but not so the others, who keep falling and scarcely manage to move from the one spot.
It would be interesting to know what is going to happen to these ladies, or frogs! I do not think they could be in hell since they are actually still standing here, but the Lord will know and see better than I do what non-hellish elements they still possess.
Tell me, dear brother, what is the real significance of all this - the frog shape, the sea, the vanishing of the frogs in the sea, the old people who do not sink, and the two messengers who have walked so far away?
Although I have watched this happen and have learned some things from it all, I still could not correctly interpret these manifestations. Do be good enough to tell me what they mean."
(Borem): "All - especially female beings who lead spiritual lives with praying and fasting for the sake of heaven, but for whom worldly advantages are still most important - appear in their bare natural substance as amphibia which are capable of living in two elements.
The sea represents their natural element which, during their lives on earth, they had more at heart than the spiritual. Therefore, they now have to throw themselves into this element in order to realize the futility of their worldly aspirations. Besides, the sea also represents the accumulation of their great folly, which to recognize they now have to dive to the bottom of it. The serpents' heads of these frogs signify their arrogance and malice and their sly, calculating minds, whilst the scorpion tails denote their duplicity in attacking and wounding those whom they wished ill behind their backs. Is this now clear to you?"
(Bishop Martin): "Yes, brother, I understand it. Unfortunately, I have seen a lot of such hypocritical, ultra-papistical machinations on earth, but as a bishop I had to connive at what I saw. And why, you will surely know!"
(Borem): "Only too well! But listen! The old people, who were not too clever to start with and most of whom were of noble birth, never had a chance of attaining a light other than a priest-ridden one. In view of this, they accepted all the clerical rules and regulations as truly celestial, and sold their daughters to the clergy, together with considerable dowries. Now these old people are still much too stupid to be able to get to the bottom of their stupidity. That is why they are wandering around on top of it, slipping and falling like an ass on the ice. There is only the one who ist somewhat wiser than the rest. Is this also clear to you now?"
(Bishop Martin): "Oh yes, dearest brother, only too clear! And what a dance the nobility is having!"
(Borem): "True! But keep on watching this scene attentively. The first act has ended, and the second one is now going to start. And you will be surprised at what you are going to see!"
(Bishop Martin): "I am looking forward to it, and I am sure that I shall be able to understand the happenings much better than before. Just one thing, which I asked you before, dear brother, and which you have forgotten to explain to me: The walking away of the two wise men."
(Borem): "Oh no, here nothing is ever forgotten! However, the meaning of this and many other manifestations you will have to seek and find for yourself, as you need some practice in purely celestial matters. Try your own interpretation and see how far your wisdom is already reaching."
(Bishop Martin): "I see what you mean! Actually, since you have already explained all the other things to me, I feel that this interpretation should not be too difficult. I think about it as follows.
The two wise men are like celestial oil, whilst these old, foolish aristocrats are like oily pitch on earth, dirty and smelling. That the oil from heaven cannot bear to be close to the pitch is understandable. What do you think, brother? Am I right?"
(Borem): "You are closer to the truth than you can grasp at this stage. However, you will eventually comprehend all the things to the root of which your comprehension cannot penetrate as yet. So do not ponder on this matter any longer, but go on watching the back of the head of the lady. You will soon find the solution to all this."
(Bishop Martin): "I am already watching, brother. So far nothing has changed. But ... oh yes - there is already something new!"