Bishop Martin - The Progress of a Soul in the Beyond

- Chapter 85 -

(Bishop Martin): "True, true, of course you are right! Beyond the rampart I can now see twelve great spirits, each with a huge sword in his right hand. But what a sword! With such a sword a spirit could split up the entire earth like an apple! But then, these spirits are big enough to crush the whole world between two of their fingers! Oh dear, oh dear, the rampart is growing more and more furious. Brother, this does look like a last Judgment to me!
But now I notice that the water in the chalice has somewhat calmed down and the entire party is lying as if dead under the surface of the still mightily steaming water. There is no sound from the chalice. Only the two messengers are discussing something, but I cannot hear what it is about. One of them is holding a staff in his hand, similar to the one of Aaron's. Now he is raising it. I wonder what will come of this?
Ah, look at the rampart! It is coming nearer, growing bigger, and raising its back here and there to astonishing heights. What a terrible sight! Now I can see the abominable head of this infernal monster. O God, how hideous it is; and it is creeping closer all the time!
Now it is raising its horrible head, its jaws gaping wide as if to swallow the whole of creation. It is approaching the chalice in a straight line. If it should grab the chalice, this would fit into one of its hollow teeth.
Now everything has completely calmed down in the chalice. But the horrible pit at the site of the former convent is emitting dense smoke, and now I see already fire and flames. The monster is no more than a thousand feet away from the chalice.
What is going to happen? The twelve giant spirits are holding their swords raised and their eyes are fixed on the messenger with the staff in his right hand. This one now signals to the monster to retreat, but it does not take any notice, just keeps approaching the chalice.
Ah, this does look most ominous! The messenger again signals with the staff, but in vain. What a horrible sight it is now as the monster, unperturbed, creeps up closer and closer to the chalice! The messenger is signalling once more with his staff, but again in vain.
Oh, oh, its head has reached the chalice and is trying to upset it with its long double tongue. But the chalice is immovable, and also nothing inside it is stirring.
The huge beast is growing more obtusive. Again the messenger raises his staff, signing to the monster to withdraw from the chalice, but it still does not take any notice.
Now the messenger dips his staff into the chalice and signs to the twelve mighty spirits. They strike hard, and - look - the monster has been split into twelve parts!
Oh dear, what raging, what a frenzy! The separate parts are winding and twisting, bouncing around the vast plain like individual mountains, and gradually rolling nearer to the hideous pit.
Ah, and the head - that is worst of all! It is leaping sky-high, sneering at the twelve spirits in such an indescribable rage that it must surely make them shudder.
But now one of the messengers drives the head with his staff towards the pit and - God be thanked - into it! Smoke and flames shoot out and, oh, what a crackling noise. It is terrible.
Also, the other eleven parts are pushed into the pit by an invisible force, and the crackling and smoke and flames give the impression as if the whole earth were on fire.
This thundering noise is so terrible that it makes me almost speechless. One would have to have the tongue of a fiery cherub to be able to describe the horror of this raging coming out of the pit. But let it rage, I am only thankful that this hideous beast is now in infernal confinement. It does not look as if this monster could emerge from there so easily.
The two messengers are once more at the edge of the chalice and also the twelve great spirits are approaching it. However, the closer they get to it, the smaller they become. Isn't that peculiar? They were such colossal giants and now they are scarcely taller than the two white-robed messengers.
They have now reached the two messengers. But what do I see now? They are bowing very deeply, particularly before the one who is holding the Aaron staff. That must surely mean that he is an angel from the highest heaven!
Now this one speaks to the twelve: 'Brothers, lift up the chalice and carry it over to the gate of hell. Then place the stand above the gate to prevent the evil rising again too easily to drag down this poor party, for whose revival in Me all the powers of heaven had to be used. So be it'"
The twelve, now lift the chalice, carefully carrying it over to the pit, where they place the stand on top of it so that no more smoke can come forth. The stand of the chalice seems to seal it hermetically. The whole surroundings look quite friendly already! And I notice something else - the entire party in the water of the chalice is beginning to stir. God be thanked that they are coming alive again!"