Bishop Martin - The Progress of a Soul in the Beyond

- Chapter 87 -

(Borem): "Now there is another matter. Beneath the Lord's tablet in your house, you will see a chest, as of pure gold. Go and open it, and you will find a robe and a shining hat. Dress in the robe and hat, the true celestial wedding garb, for there will be a dignified reception of the soon-returning guests, in the name of the Lord, Who will bring the recovered souls here Himself. Go and change. It is the wUl of the Lord!"
(Bishop Martin): "Dearest brother, all that you have so far told me was sublime and true, like the Word of God itself. Only this last matter seems suspect of a sort of celestial vanity, which does not bother me at all. Therefore, you must forgive me if I do not obey you in this particular point.
I am so happy that at long last my heart is in order - the only thing of importance to the Lord. As for my outer attire, I am quite satisfied with this peasant's smock for all eternity.
I really do not care about splendor any longer, be it celestial or earthly. But I now care all the more about love of the Lord, which only my heart can promote and not a splendid robe and hat. Therefore, I remain as I am, a peasant!"
(Borem): "You are right, dear brother. Of course the Lord looks only at the heart. And our humility, proven in the true love of the Lord, is every angel's most precious garb. However, it is a requirement of the Lord's order that in His Kingdom every dweller in the heavens has to be arrayed in a garb of rebirth and immortality, corresponding to his inner self. There is no being in all infinity more humble than the Lord Himself, and still you cannot imagine any splendor that does not orginate in Him.
Behold the magnificence and vastness of this hall, which is only one of the rooms in your house. Who but the Lord could be the originator and sole builder of such indescribable splendor and majesty?
On first entering the house which the Lord gave you, you immediately looked through the twelve doors and saw twelve drops from the endless sea of the Lord's creations. And you were almost seized with fear by just glancing at such overwhelming magnificence and majesty. What would you say if you had actually seen an angel in all his celestial glory? You could not have looked at him and lived - so endlessly great is his beauty, his glory, magnificence and majesty!
From what I have just told you and from many other things I have explained to you, you can see that everything, including proper magnificence and splendor, originates in the Lord. So I do think that you would be doing the right thing to adapt yourself to the Lord's order.
Do you know what the Lord said to Peter when he, out of sheer humility, objected to the Lord washing his feet? If you abide with your humble obstinacy, the Lord might say the same to you. Therefore, go and do as I bid you, on behalf of the Lord, and then everything will look different in your house also. However, before donning the new garb, you must first shed the old one to the last shred, and wash your feet with the water from a basin you will find placed in readiness. Only after having done this, open the golden chest, take out the clothes and put them on."
(Bishop Martin): "Well, if this is the way it is, I shall have to comply with your orders, in the name of the Lord. I must admit, though, dearest brother, that I do not like the idea very much, because, notwithstanding your wise explanations, I still feel that there is a kind of vanity in it. However, since it is the Lord's regulation, I will follow it in His name. And where do I put my present clothes? Do I put them in the golden chest for an everlasting keepsake?"
(Borem): "Do not trouble yourself about that. Somebody else will be seeing to it."
Bishop Martin goes to the chest and looks around to see if he is being watched. However, when he finds himself behind a neat protecting screen which conceals him from the many guests in his house, he quickly undresses. He puts the old clothes in a heap before him, and they vanish forthwith. He then scoops some water in his hands from the aforesaid basin and washes his feet. When he has finished this, the golden chest bursts open and our good Martin is already clothed in a purple robe with a border of the most splendid stars. And on his head he has a hat which shines much brighter than the sun.
The moment he has been arrayed in these clothes, the interior of his house expands to such an extent that it appears to Bishop Martin a hundred times larger than before. Simultaneously, the approaches to the galleries open up, which so far had not been possible to find.
Noticing all this, Bishop Martin is moved to tears by a feeling of great happiness, and he begins to praise Me openly.
As his tears begin to flow freely from emotion, Borem comes to him dressed in a similar attire, and says:
(Borem): "Well, brother, how do you like this? Are you feeling any vainer now?"
(Bishop Martin): "O brother, only now do I feel how small I am - and how immensely great the Lord is!"
(Borem): "Come along now, for everything is prepared to greet you as the owner of this house. Rejoice, for this greeting will be magnificent!"