Bishop Martin - The Progress of a Soul in the Beyond

- Chapter 89 -

hen Bishop Martin is on the point of more praise of love, someone outside calls his name: "Martin!"
Hearing this, Bishop Martin asks Borem whether he has any idea who might have called him.
(Borem): "Go outside, brother, and see for yourself. Even here it is sometimes like in the world. Except for the Lord, one cannot see everything from one point, but has to go to different places to see and hear, as you will have already noticed on many occasions.
Therefore, hurry outside and you will find out who has called you. I do not know the answer to everything as yet, my dearest brother. But again I hear the calling, so better go outside and see who it is."
(Bishop Martin): "Yes, I am going. Probably there are some lost spirits again, requiring help."
Bishop Martin hurries to the door, opens it, and is surprised at the great magnificence of his garden, which has expanded and improved immeasurably since he met Borem planting the trees.
As there is nobody waiting for him at the door, Bishop Martin goes into the garden to look for the one who called him. Walking towards the east, he comes to an arbor which looks like a large, so-to-speak open, living temple, in the middle of which he sees somebody busy sorting out plants which are lying on an also living altar.
(Bishop Martin watches this man for a while, then approaches him and says): "Dearest friend and brother, was it you who called me by my name? If so, let me know in what way my heart can serve you."
(The Botanist): "My dear friend and brother, your house has now become very spacious and so has your garden. You have already taken in more than a thousand brothers and sisters, which is most noble of you. However, I think that if there is room for that many, there must also be room for some more.
Follow me to the western part of your garden. There you'll find a hundred poor, needing a home. Take them into your house, and me as well, since in a way I belong to them, and you will not regret it."
(Bishop Martin): "But, dear friend and brother, what is a hundred? I can assure you, that even if it were ten thousand, I would not let them go but would make every effort to keep them here. Therefore, take me to them right away, so that I may look after them to the best of my ability, with the help of the Lord."
(The Botanist): "Oh, friend and brother, you have become like a precious balm to my heart! Let us go immediately, and we shall soon be with them."
The two walk towards the west and come across a group of humans, both male and female. All of them are practically naked, emaciated, and covered with boils and sores.
(Seeing these wretched beings, Bishop Martin is moved to tears, and says with deep compassion): "Oh, my God, how weak and wretched these poor things look! Come with me to my house, all of you, so that I may help you regain your health and strength! The Lord, our holiest and best Father Jesus, will give me the strength and means to do this."
(The Poor): "You are obviously one of God's angels. How kind the Lord must be if already you are so infinitely kind. However, you can see how unclean we are. How could we dare enter your clean dwelling?"
(Bishop Martin): "I was much worse than you, and have been purified in this house of love. So I hope to God that you will achieve the same. Come now with me, dear brothers and sisters, and do not be afraid. The weakest may lean on me to help them get to my house. You, too, brother (the botanist), should support some of the weaker ones."
(The Botanist): "What joy you give Me, brother, you, My heart, core of My love. One day you shall be rewarded richly for this! You have already a reward, for He Whom you love so much is now with you. I am the Lord, your Brother, your Father!"
(Bishop Martin, now fully recognizes Me, throws himself at My feet, and says): "O Lord, o God, o holy Father, how could I praise you adequately? How great your love is and how unfathom-ably deep Your compassion must be that You show that much mercy to sinners like I was and still am!
You holy and good Father, I am now so deeply ashamed that I did not recognize You when staying with Peter in Your everlasting fatherly house; that I did not heed Your words, which were nothing but pure love. Now that my heart recognizes You, I am overwhelmed with love and also shame. Do strengthen me to enable my sinful heart to bear Your holy presence!"