Bishop Martin - The Progress of a Soul in the Beyond

- Chapter 96 -

(Say I): "Be careful with what you say. We three know who we are, but all these are still too weak to bear the truth. I tell you this in confidence, and they cannot hear us, but when we talk aloud in front of them, we are all equal. You know what I mean?"
(Bishop Martin): "Oh brother, You beloved brother, we understand! I shall be extremely careful not to say the wrong thing, but please be patient with me in case my tongue should slip a little. Sometimes I imagine myself already quite wise, but whenever You are present, my wisdom seems ridiculous to me. Still, I am happy that, with Your help, there is at least occasionally something wise forthcoming from me."
(Say I): "Never mind, dear brother Martin, you may stay as you are, for this is how I like you most, since an appropriate sense of humor coming from the heart should not be lacking even in heaven. But now let us tum our attention once more to Chanchah. Martin and Borem, lift her up from the ground at My feet. For, at this stage, I must not touch her with My hands as yet."
The two quickly do as told, and soon Chanchah is standing in our midst, still quite confused and scarcely able to express her emotions in words.
(Bishop Martin): "How beautiful she is in her emotion! If this kind of beauty could be seen on earth with such an abundance of feminine charm, I think the sight of it would drive men crazy.
I am really surprised at myself that I can now look at such extreme beauty with enjoyment and without the least sensual desire. This, as has been amply proved by the fair Mercurian and the flock of lambs before that, was originally not the case.
Although I have enjoyed the touch of this soft, well-rounded arm, it has not stirred my senses in the least. For this I must thank and praise - you-know-Who!"
(Martin addresses Chanchah): "How are you feeling now, you fairest tenant of my house which was given to me for eternity by the great, holy, most loving Lama? Do speak again, for we all love you very much and our hearts enjoy your beautiful words."
(Chanchah): "Oh, I feel so wonderful, my dearest, heavenly friends, servants of Lama, the Holy! Who would not be happy in your midst? For is not love the most precious possession of the human heart? And if a heart has found love as I have, what else could there be to wish for? What greater bliss could there be than that caused by love? Oh friend, I feel simply wonderful here!
But, dearest friends, I will not have to leave you, will I? Of course, I feel I am not worthy of you, notwithstanding this glorious garment, for I have still many faults. But my heart loves you and, I must openly admit, particularly you who did not want to tell me your name. However, because of this boundless love of my heart for all of you - but especially you, the nameless - surely you won't cast me off."
(Say I): "Oh no, you shall never ever be separated from us, for behold, all the heavens are founded on love, and love in itself is the heaven of heavens! Whoever possesses such a full measure of love, how could he be banned from what is his very being? Besides, love such as yours for us, immediately eradicates all defects of the soul, rendering it as pure as if it had only just emanated from the breath of the Lama Himself.
Therefore, do not worry ever about whether you will be able to remain here, but think that we shall always keep you with us, as a special little item of love, wherever we might have to go at times in the course of the manifold needs of this realm. You must not take for granted that we shall stay in this house forever, as there are many mansions in the kingdom of the great Lama. But, wherever we might go, you will always be with us."
We now love you so much as if you were the only being in the whole of infinity, fully entitled to our fullest measure of love. As we - and mind you, sweet Chanchah, I in particular - love you so much, how could we ever let you go? I assure you that you are now My love forever!"
(Chanchah): "O Lama, Lama, how holy and good You must be if already Your servants are so good and kind. But you, my dear friend, if I look at you - oh, I just can't imagine that Lama Himself could be any better than you. Maybe that is the only fault of love: it considers its object the best and most perfect of all. Therefore, I consider you at least as good as the great Lama Himself. I trust He will forgive the poor Chanchah for thinking and feeling like this. For how can I help loving you so boundlessly?"
(Say I): "O Chanchah, be assured that your Lama has forgiven you everything long ago! He, too, loves His servants so boundlessly that He can only rejoice if His children, who really are His servants, love each other so immeasurably. Hence, do not fear that your love for Me could be a sin against the great Lama. For that I can vouch with all the treasures of heaven!"