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- Chapter 1438 -

Always Be Aware of My Words!

Saturday, May 25, 2024

Message of May 17, 2024

God the Father: My child. Dark times are coming to you, to your earth, but fear not. My protective Father's hand will be upon you and no child who is truly faithful and devoted to My Son will be lost.

Jesus: The dark days are coming, but the one who truly loves Me, his Jesus, is protected.

Our Lady: My children. My beloved children. I, your Mother in Heaven, love you very much.

It is time for your conversion, for darkness will overshadow your earth, the evil powers will usurp world domination, and the lukewarm, the unfaithful, the pagans and those misled in faith will suffer, suffer, suffer. They will realize that they should have converted, but by then it will already be too late for them.

During the dark days, the assumption of world domination by the devil through his Antichrist, the false prophet, who is already among you, visible and active, and his henchmen, much suffering will be inflicted on Our children.

Jesus: Remain steadfast, beloved children that you are, and faithful to Me, your Jesus, at all times; for the time is being shortened, beloved children that you are. None of you will perish, but you must remain strong and you must persevere.

God the Father: My children. I have already said that My protective hand is upon you at this time.

So pray much to the Holy Spirit so that you may recognize all the lies and temptations with which the Antichrist wants to catch you!

Our Lady: My children. Be warned, for what is yet to come will be of the most diabolical kind!

Hold on, pray, be ready for My Son!

Never give in, but strengthen yourselves in prayer to the Holy Spirit. Amen.

God the Father: My children. I, your Father, stand by you through Jesus, My Son. He who loves you as much as I, your Father, love you, will not leave you alone.

If you are not yet ready, convert now!

The warning is near, very near, and Jesus' return. So rejoice, and be aware of Our promise of glory in My Son's New Kingdom always and in all the hardships of the times!

I, your Father in Heaven, love you very much. Jesus, My Most Holy Son, loves you very much, as well as Mary, the Most Holy Mother of God!

So many saints pray for you! So many saints intercede for you!

My Holy Angels are sent to protect and preserve those who are truly devoted to My Son. Amen.

Always be aware of My words and persevere.

In deepest love.

Your Father in heaven. Creator of all God's children and Creator of all being. With Jesus, your Redeemer who loves you so much, and Mary, Mother of all God's children and Co-Redemptrix. Amen.

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