God's New Bible

The Book of Truth

- Chapter 796 -

When the Holy Spirit is Present, It Will Spread Like Fire and Will Replicate the Word of God in Many Tongues

Saturday, May 18th, 2013 @ 13:16

My dearly beloved daughter, the Gift of the Holy Spirit is very much misunderstood. It is a precious Gift and is poured over humanity through the Generosity of God. It is given with great love to all, but not everyone accepts it. Not everyone is capable of receiving this Gift. Those who believe that they deserve this Gift because they say they know Me, and who are educated in every aspect of theology, are not necessarily prepared to receive this Most Holy Gift.

During the ten days in the Cenacle, My beloved Mother had to patiently explain to My apostles the importance of humility. Without humility you cannot be filled with this Gift from Heaven. Some of My apostles thought that as chosen disciples they were better than ordinary people because they were closer to Me and that others should automatically drop at their feet. But, of course, this is not what I taught them. My Mother spent many long hours explaining to them how pride can prevent the Holy Spirit from entering their souls.

When the Holy Spirit enters a soul, It brings with It many Gifts. It can be the Gift of Knowledge, the Gift of Tongues, the Gift of Wisdom, the Gift of Love, the Gift of Healing or the Gift of Prophecy. In the case of My apostles, they soon realised that, as soon as they received this Gift that they could never allow the sin of pride to sully their Mission thereafter. For as soon as pride intervenes in a person, who has received the Gift of the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of God vanishes and in Its place will dwell the spirit of darkness.

A dark soul cannot pour out the Light of the Holy Spirit over others. It can only spread darkness. Darkness of the spirit deceives others. It is particularly deceptive when it comes from someone who is seen to be a holy disciple or an expert in My Teachings. All that results is hatred, unease and a sense of hopelessness.

To receive the Gift of the Holy Spirit, your souls must be cleansed and free of the sin of pride, otherwise It will never be granted to you. When the Holy Spirit is present, It will spread like fire and will replicate the Word of God in many tongues. It will bring about the healing of the mind, body and spirit and will bring with it the wisdom, which can only come from God. It will spread conversion globally.

This then will be the fruits by which you will know where the Holy Spirit is present. The abundance of every possible Gift, including miracles from Heaven, have now been manifested in the Book of Truth for the good of all – The Book promised to the whole of humanity for these times. Accept it with a gracious heart and give thanks to God for one of the last Gifts from Heaven before the Great Day.

Your Jesus