God's New Bible

The Crusade of Prayer

Crusade Prayer 70

Prayer for the clergy to remain firm and true to the Holy Word of God

O dear Jesus, help Your sacred servants to recognize the schism within Your Church as it unfolds.

Help Your sacred servants to remain firm and true to Your Holy Word. Never let worldly ambitions cloud their pure love for You.

Give them the Graces to remain pure and humble before You and to honor Your Most Holy Presence in the Eucharist.

Help and guide all those sacred servants who may be lukewarm in their love for You and re-kindle the Fire of the Holy Spirit in their souls.

Help them to recognize temptation, placed before them to distract them. Open their eyes so they can see the Truth at all times.

Bless them, dear Jesus, at this time and cover them with Your Precious Blood to keep them safe from harm.

Give them the strength to resist the seduction of Satan, should they be distracted by the allure of denying the existence of sin.