God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1434 -

Alone You Will Not Be Able to Hold Out!

Monday, March 18, 2024

Message from March 13, 2024

My child. Sit down and listen to what I, your Father in Heaven, have to say to you and the children of the world today:

Pray, My children, pray. So much prayer is needed!

This Lent is difficult for all My truly believing children, but you must remain in trust and pray to Us, beloved children that you are.

I, your Father in Heaven, tell you today that the time is ripe.

Much will happen and events will happen at a rapid pace.

Go to your Holy Masses!

Go to Adoration!

Make use of the Holy Sacrament of Confession!

My children. My children, so beloved by Me:

My Son stands ready, but first comes His adversary, and you must be ready for these dark days.

Pray, trust, believe and plead. My Holy Spirit will give you clarity, but you must ask Him and pray!

The Blessed Mother Mary is at your side, as are many holy angels and saints.

Ask, pray, implore, My children, for only with Her will you get through this time, you will not be able to hold out on your own.

Look forward to the resurrection of My Son, which will soon be celebrated in your churches.

It is a very holy time, so make the most of it!

Celebrate this feast in love for your neighbor and remain strong.

Bad times await you, but My Son will be with you if you pray and plead and remain faithful to Him, your Savior.

Pray now, and do not stop praying.

I, your Father in heaven, am very pleased with your prayers to Me.

I hear every prayer, My children, and I weigh each one.

I hear those who pray with a sincere heart.

So pray with a loving and contrite heart to Me, to Jesus, to your saints and holy helpers.

Do not forget to pray to My Holy Spirit!

All are at your side in these dark times. You will need them, your Holy Helpers, because without them you will be alone.

Jesus is with you, do not forget that!

His Most Holy Mother Mary, your Mother in Heaven, is at your side!

Do not forget the power I have given to St. Joseph, foster father of Jesus Christ and spouse of His Most Holy Mother, in heaven!

He is a mighty intercessor at My throne for you and with My Son.

So pray to Him, and ask Him for His assistance and help!

He will never deny you His help!

So turn to Him.

I love you very much.

Stay in prayer and never give up.

This Lent is difficult for so many of you, but soon you will celebrate the Feast of the Resurrection and will experience joy, great joy in your hearts.

So go now and make this known.

Yours and your Father in heaven.

Creator of all God's children and Creator of all being. Amen.

'Use the power I have given to St. Joseph, My foster father. Pray to Him and ask Him for support and help. Amen.

Your Jesus. Amen.

God the Father: 'Use the prayers of consecration (nos. 31, 32, 46) which We have given you in these messages, then the Antichrist will have no power over you. Amen.'

Prayer No. 31: Consecration Prayer

O my Jesus, I consecrate myself to You completely. I surrender my life to You, please take care of me, guide me and heal me.


Prayer No. 32: Prayer of Deliverance (at the hour of death)

Dear Jesus. I consecrate myself and my loved ones completely to you. Please come and save me. Amen.


Prayer No. 46

Treatment of Epidemic Diseases

God the Father showed me plague-related diseases and how they can be treated:

To cure skin growths and other skin diseases:

- Calendula (marigold)

- and rosemary (note: versatile)

HE said:

For leprosy: Prayer.

Ask for forgiveness of your sins!!! (For) leprosy, tumors and (plague) treatments of any kind.

The plagues will be great, but your prayer will protect you.

You must be pure. Bring fasting offerings!

Seek your Holy Confession!

Show contrition!


Ask for forgiveness!

Prayer for forgiveness

Oh, my father. Forgive me for my sins.

I deeply regret them.

Look into my heart,

and then YOU decide what's right for me.

I willingly accept everything from Your hands

and consecrate from now until eternity

my life, my existence, my soul entirely to YOU,

my Father, and Jesus, Your Divine Son.


Yours I will be from now until eternity.

Amen **

To seal this consecration, I now also ask the Most Holy Mother of God to confirm it before Your Holy Throne.

Amen. *

(*Note: Now lovingly ask Our Lady for this).

This prayer is especially for those who do not have or cannot find a minister ordained by Me, a Catholic priest.

Your Father in heaven with Jesus. Amen.

(**Note: It is important that this prayer be offered sincerely, with love and contrition).