God's New Bible

The Pre­paration

How God Prepares Us

- Chapter 1436 -

Do You Really Think You Can Go against Nature?

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Message from May 13, 2024

My child. We told you unpleasant times were coming, and they are at your door.

Much injustice in your world is becoming more and more apparent. Under the guise of 'tolerance' you have ruined many things, and people are becoming homeless and rootless, because what is happening in your world today is nothing other than erasing your identity and bending you to fit into the satanic system of the Antichrist and his devotees.

Children, children, you must be vigilant!

The evil one lulls you and you follow him! You don't even realize it for the most part, because you blindly and headlessly (!) jump on his wagon!

Children, children, shame on you!

How can you allow Christianity to be wiped out and suppressed?

The once Christian Europe is infiltrated, and you let it happen!

Children, children, when you began to remove the Christian crosses of My Son from your rooms, you gave yourselves over to the devil!

So listen you heathens and unbelievers, you lukewarm and unfaithful, you who have gone astray and worship the devil:

I, your Father in heaven, Who Am, am Almighty! I will help My children, but only those who truly devote themselves to My Son, follow Him and obey My commandments!

It is the time of decision, and woe to him who does not repent, who does not find the way to Jesus, who remains lukewarm, who worships other gods, the list is long, My children, it is long, and it lists all the evasions, distractions and excuses you make!

So be warned, beloved children, for My chastising hand will strike your earth!

My Holy Wrath will cleanse your earth!

My Son, Jesus Christ, will come again, but only those who have fully confessed Jesus will be redeemed and gain entrance into My Kingdom of Heaven!

The time is ripe, My children, the time is ripe!

Your insults to Me, your Creator, your insults to Jesus, My Most Holy Son, and your insults to Mary, the Most Holy Mother of God have become a bottomless pit! The barrel is not only overflowing, but you have burst it with your insults, your blasphemies and your sinfulness!

I can't believe the way you behave!

You have lost all respect for Me, for creation and for yourselves!

You are self-centered, destructive and lost beings who have strayed far from the only True One, Who I Am!

You call yourselves 'free', 'self-determining' and do not see how you have fallen into the devil's trap, and you do not see how you are perishing!

Do you really think you can go against nature?

Do you really think your 'moronic' views are real?

The devil has mixed himself into your world, he not only spreads hate and resentment, misery, suffering, hardship and worry, but he spreads false doctrines, he sells you slogans like 'tolerance', like 'self-determination', like 'self-realization'! He alienates you from what is good, and he alienates you from what is God-given, created by Me in the greatest love and in Divine order!

I, your Father in heaven, have created the world in which you live for you in Divine order and love, but you are turning away more and more from Me and My creation and changing it because you want to be self-determining, and you are alienating yourselves more and more!

This world in which you live will come to an end. The only thing you can do not to perish with it and be lost to the devil is to convert!

Only Jesus, My Divine Son, is the way to the Kingdom of Heaven!

Only through Him will you come to Me!

Only with Him will you enter His New Kingdom!

So convert and find your way back to the true path, which is only My Son, your Jesus. Amen.

I bring you this message today through Maria for the Divine Preparation of Hearts so that you may understand what is happening and how skillfully the devil has caught you in his clutches.

I do not condemn you, but I warn you. And I show you the way so that you do not perish.

So listen to My Word, for it is Holy, and Maria for the Divine Preparation of Hearts must endure much suffering so that she can pass on these messages to you, and for the conversion of so many more sinners.

I love you very much. Pray also for Maria, My chosen soul. Amen.

Your Father in heaven.

Creator of all God's children and Creator of all being. Amen.