God's New Bible

The Book of Truth

- Chapter 419 -

My Remnant Church, Inspired by the Prophet Enoch, Will Create Hatred

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012 @ 19:00

My dearly beloved daughter, I come this evening to tell you that a great token of My Love and Mercy will now manifest within the hearts of believers everywhere.

They will feel My Presence within their hearts in a way they will not be able to explain and they will unite their hearts with Mine.

This Gift will make them strong in My Faith and they will hunger for My Presence daily.

I urge all of God’s children, who feel the Flames of My Love engulf their souls, to receive My Body and My Blood, in the Holy Eucharist, as often as they can.

You, My beloved disciples, will need the Gift of My Body, through the Holy Eucharist to give you strength, for you will need every ounce of strength, as you witness the falling apart of My Holy and Apostolic, Catholic Church.

My Holy Eucharist will be desecrated as I foretold some time ago.

Excuses will be made to render this Most Holy Gift as simply a gesture in remembrance of My Crucifixion.

Very soon My Real Presence will be denounced as part of a new modern catholic church, which will include other religious churches.

Once this happens, the love and devotion to the Holy Trinity will dwindle and fall away.

Instead false gods will take its place. While this will be difficult, you must remember, I will never forfeit My Church on Earth.

My allegiance is to the Church founded by Me before I ascended into Heaven.

The Church upon the Rock founded by My beloved Peter, cannot and will never die.

For I will lead My Church now in the end times, and will renew the prophecies, foretold long ago.

My Gospels will be preached by My Remnant Church, in every corner of the Earth.

My Remnant Church, will be inspired by the Prophet Enoch, and this will create hatred everywhere My Holy Word is heard.

The Holy Spirit will ignite the faith of My Remnant Church who will never give up proclaiming the Truth of the Gospels, till its dying breath.

Go now and prepare My Remnant Church, by following My Instructions.

Trust in Me always, for all will be well.

Your beloved Jesus