God's New Bible

The Book of Love

- Chapter 7 -


How difficult the rebirth in MY HOLY SPIRIT is to understand, even for the worldly educated, is clearly shown by My conversation with the wise Nicodemus of Jerusalem in My former time on earth. Thus, worldly wisdom says nothing at all about entering into the true spirit; but LOVE, according to the measure of its indwelling fire, opens the soul's access to MY HOLY SPIRIT!
It is a LAW OF LOVE that it only leads those souls to the sources of the most sacred truths who burn in it, LOVE, and fan it into a blazing fire!
Nowadays it is easier than ever for you on earth to kindle this LOVE-FIRE fervently; for the misery of millions of souls under the raging cruelty aspects of the deepest hell is, so to speak, thirsting for your LOVE-GLOW, and if you truly endeavor to love ME, YOUR GOD AND CREATOR, you will save and redeem the suffering souls with all the most holy glow of your LOVE-FIRE!
No blacksmith could make the iron to be forged glow and shape it without the blazing fire in his forge; in the same way, the souls of humanity that are trapped in the deepest bonds cannot be shaped without the LOVE-FIRE OF MY HOLY SPIRIT! For the bondage structures of so many human souls are even stronger than the material structure of iron and steel! You see this so clearly in the vast majority of the souls of My former "chosen people" Israel; but you also see it so clearly in most people of this time! So often the devil is already breathing down their necks and yet they do not remember ME, GOD THE LORD!
Even in the multitude of human souls who love ME, a HOLY ARDENT LOVE FIRE can never be kindled if I THE LORD do not send among them a high spirit from My heavens! Thus the great messengers from My heavens, the true prophets and disciples of MY LOVE, have always stepped among men in the FIRE OF MY HOLY SPIRIT, heedless of the dangers and suffering, knowing only that they have a holy mission to fulfill to lead men on MY HOLY WAYS!
But they never came straight to earth in the FIRE OF MY HOLY SPIRIT, so to speak, in order to be marveled at and feared; for then nothing at all would have happened for the maturing of human souls and the lukewarm mass of souls would soon have become bored if such heavenly miracles had not happened non-stop.
Thus all the high spirits of My heavens first had to endure the relentless path of trial in human garb before My Holy Will to kindle the dormant embers of their heavenly Spirit of Love showed them how. For they themselves always first had to gather the experiences in the material body garment in order to then be able to tread the path of sacrifice and redemption with the necessary power of knowledge and ardor in their hearts.
In this time on earth there are not only many high spirits of My heavens among you men, I say, THE LORD, the most and highest from My heavens are among you and through the two highest ones this many-volume NEW BIBLE OF MY MERCY is written! But not only that! When this first volume of MY NEW BIBLE, "THE BOOK OF LOVE", passes over the earth, the greatest preparatory work for the redemption of this human race has already been done through it and the blackest of the black has been redeemed and dissolved through MY HEART'S PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE OF ETERNAL LOVE in human garb!
I have already said that a complete HOST OF MY HEAVENS has been begotten into earthly life for the redemption of all willing souls of this human race.