God's New Bible

The Book of Love

- Chapter 8 -

The Three Bible Phases

Thus I THE LORD have given you children of men a spiritual interpretation of the most important key points from the Revelation of My John and I now still say:
Let everything pass through your souls not only now and then, but as often as possible, and thus move everything in your hearts to the most sacred depths, and so you will experience everything as ONE HOLY TRUTH in the gradually occurring spiritualization of yourselves and often also be able to look into the distant and yet so near future of this earthly existence. Through the refinement of your soul structure you will see faces that will confirm the TRUTH OF MY HOLY WORDS! But every WORD FROM MY HOLY VOICE can never be grasped with the merely thinking mind, but only through THE HOLY GLOW OF YOUR HEART'S PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE OF ETERNAL LOVE!
As true you will now recognize that the previous Bible-work was not completed with the NEW TESTAMENT, but that THE ETERNAL WIDTHS OF MY LOVE could only be opened to you through this MY NEW BIBLE, which crowns the whole Bible-Work in the HOLY TRINITY of the OLD and NEW TESTAMENT with this MY NEW HOLY BIBLE as THE HOLY ANCHOR OF SALVATION not only for this whole humanity, but for all souls and all creatures in the material creation!
See the great periods of human development through the three phases of BIBLE CREATION:
In the first BIBLE PHASE, I THE LORD, through the unknown Moses, shook the ancient Egyptian kingship with its pagan god cult to the depths of its tightly organized but morally rotten state system and gave mankind the saving, on ME, THE CREATOR, to mature at Sinai, and MY PERFECTION and had Moses lay down the first BIBLE PHASE in his seven books, from which THE OLD TESTAMENT then emerged as THE BIBLE not only of My chosen people Israel, but for all people who were awakened in faith in ME, THE ONE TRUE GOD OF HEAVEN AND EARTH.
The second BIBLE PHASE began I THE LORD MYSELF through My earthly walk as the unknown JESUS-boy and placed at its beginning My mysterious earthly birth through "the immaculate conception" of MY HEART'S PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE OF ETERNAL LOVE in the virtuous but so inconspicuous girl "MARIA" from the tribe of David. This second BIBLE PHASE reached its climax through MY RESURRECTION IN THE POWER OF MY HOLY SPIRIT after the CRUCIFICATION-REDEMPTION DEATH ON GOLGATHA, to be continued through the martyr path of My apostles and the path of suffering of all those who steadfastly believed in ME, GOD THE LORD, JESUS CHRIST THE CRUCIFIED OF GOLGATHA. This NEW TESTAMENT and its distribution together with the OLD TESTAMENT reached the people of almost all nations of this earth after their translations as THE BOOK OF BOOKS, "THE BIBLE".
Verily, say I THE LORD, every right-thinking person should realize that nevertheless these two BIBLE PHASES could not yet bring about a complete overall orientation of all people towards THE ETERNAL PERFECTION OF GOD THE LORD and that they only represent gradual periods of development of the spirit of My children enclosed in human garments and that they repeatedly remained stuck in spiritual dead ends until this time. Foolishness, excessive foolishness and open and hidden arrogance can only think that THE WORK OF THE BIBLE is completed and that GOD has put an end to HIS ETERNAL SPIRIT IN INFINITY for all time with these two PHASES OF THE BIBLE!
But the third BIBLE PHASE is through this NEW BIBLE the initiated CREATION PERIOD FOR THE NEW JERUSALEM on this earth, which, just like the first two BIBLE PHASES, was initiated by completely unknown and unusual aspects of MY HOLY WILL. For in their human guise, both THE QUEEN OF MY HEAVENS, MARIA, and MY ROCK OF FAITH, PETRUS, were just as unknown until the publication of this first volume of MY NEW BIBLE as the shepherd Moses and the carpenter's son JESUS and His MOTHER OF BODY MARIA, had once been. But just as the first and second BIBLE PHASE had their climax according to MY CREATION PLAN, which went down in human history, so THE CLIMAX OF THE THIRD BIBLE PHASE is already unassailably fixed in the RESURRECTION OF MY TRUE CHILDREN IN THE NEW JERUSALEM!
This resurrection as MY TRUE CHILDREN will be experienced by all those who fulfilled MY ALONE HOLY WILL on the saving, redeeming HOLY ARM OF MY MOTHER OF BODY MARIA, regardless of how long they belonged to the children of MY LIGHT CIRCLE OF HEAVEN AND EARTH; for I THE LORD look into every heart and know who, from the bottom of his heart, is truly willing to become an IMAGE OF MYSELF by looking up to ME.